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Gran Paradiso Piedmont Trek

Gran Paradiso Piedmont Trek is described here and organized in a wild and adventure set.

It is possible to change completely the “mood” of the trek, organizing the daily walks less long and sleeping in more comfortable shelters.

By the way why we choose to make it wild is because Trekking Alps aim is to have a deep feeling with nature and there is nothing like a night in an unguarded hut in the Alps that make you feel more near to the Nature.

Gran Paradiso is the widest National Park in Italy and was the first to be established in 1922.

The park is pretty big and has different souls and environment.

In this section you’ll find the Aosta Valley side of the Park which is more mild and less rocky.

Probably this Piedmont side of the Park has more animals and has more dramatic high mountain environment: big granite walls are towering all over and the landscape is really wild and rough.

The Itinerary described is a trail, means we’ll not be back in the same place.

We’ll keep our walk starting higher than when we’ll arrive.

The day hikes are pretty long but the positive gains are not enormous compared with other treks.

In any case the Gran Paradiso Piedmont Trek has to be considered for people well prepared physically in the described hike.

As already mentioned we can change it to a more mild and fit for beginners way.

Gran Paradiso National Park offers an unique nature with lots of wildlife and amazing views.

We’ll not reach peaks but crossing different valleys we’ll have a very nice views over thre Orco Valley, one of the most famous valley for the italian climbing and hiking world.


  • Overnight Staying Details
    two nights in unguarded hut
    Highest Poing
    Porta Pass (Colle della Porta) 3002m – 9850ft
    Granite Walls, Lakes, Glaciers
    Special Features and Points of Interest
    Wilderness, Balcony Trail: Views!
    Animals you may encounter
    Probable: Marmot, Ibex, Chamois – Rarely: Eagle, Volture, Ermine and Fox
    Fit for children but we’ll need to change the itinerary to make it milder

    • Backpack (30-50 liters) – Rent Possible
    • Hiking Boots – Rent Possible
    • Light Sleeping bag – Rent Possible
    • 1 t-shirt per day
    • 1 fleece
    • 1 jacket against cold
    • 1 jacket against rain
    • 2 extra socks
    • 1 comfortable trouser
    • 1 shorts
    • 1 water bottle
    • Hat and gloves
    • Suncream
    • Sun glasses
    • Spirit of Adventure!


    • Hiking Guide
    • Trasportation from Torino till the Mountain area and back (free service)
    • Overnight staying (directly to the shelter)
    • One meal per day (home made dinner at unguarded huts)
    • Suggestions for the organization of your trip (free service)


    • Other Meals
    • Air ticket till Torino


    In all Trekking Alps hikes there is a high degree of flexibility. Difficulty and duration of the hike can be changed and accomodation in bed and breakfast or hotel can be arranged. Just write an email at info@trekking-alps.com or write us a WhatsApp at +393386608548
  • overview map

    To watch the animated 3d map Click Here

  • sheltershelter




This Trekking Day by Day

  • Col del Nivolet (2600m) – Biv. Giraudo(2630m)
    6-7 hours – 10 Km
    Elevation up: 900m Elevation down:900trekking day
  • Biv. Giraudo(2630m) – Biv. Ivrea (2745m)
    7-8 hours – 10 Km
    Elevation up: 1000m Elevation down: 900mtrekking day
  • Biv. Ivrea (2745m) – Lago del Teleccio(1924m)
    4-6 hours – 8Km
    Elevation up: 300m Elevation down:1300mtrekking day

Reviews for this Hike

    Great short break in the Alps
    We were very lucky to find Roberto to take us round Gran Paradiso National Park. We were training for Kilimanjaro and although the altitude was limited by snow cover, the steep hiking was great practice which we just can't get in the UK. Roberto was really friendly and knowledgeable and gave us the opportunity to try some great local cheeses whilst staying in surprisingly sophisticated and comfortable huts. We would definitely travel with Roberto again and are looking forward to exploring more of the Italian Alps.
    Elaine – United Kingdom

    (From: )
    Only in National Gegraphic
    A memorable 3-day, 2-night trek through a wilderness experience with Roberto in Gran Paradiso. It was quite an adventure seeing the majestic mountains towering into the sky, the gushing waterfalls, the fleeting glimpse of the Chamois and the Ibex clambering on near vertical walls. What made it even better is sharing all this with fellow hikers.

    (From: Hong Kong)
    Gran Paradiso – 2 nights/3 days
    My first experience of trekking and it was great.Roberto was extremely helpful to begin with, responding to questions etc very quickly and clearly. He also built something that worked for us. The trek itself was amazing and Elisabetta was a great guide, friendly and knowledgeable, with the right amount of walking each day. The surroundings were beautiful and lots to explore. Would definitely recommend!
    Kevin – United Kingdom

    (From: )
    Amazing experience!!
    Roberto is THE best out there. I had an amazing time trekking the Alps with him. Although weather didn't cooperate with us on the first day, Roberto knew how to handle the cards we were dealt and I 100% trusted his judgement and knowledge. If you're considering this trek, I definitely recommend doing it with Roberto. He knew the best treks and place where mountain hiking. We've been in Gran Paradiso National park hiking and it was a terrific trek!

    (From: USA)


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