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Mont Avic Natural Park Hiking

Mont Avic Natural Park Hiking is the second park of Aosta Valley and is located in the Champorcer and Champendraz Valley.

In this Hike we will even touch the small and hidden Clavalitè Valley.

The Mont Avic National Park is geographically very near to Gran Paradiso National Park.

Actually it has the same majestic alpine territory.

It is possible to organize an hike in which you visit both Parks as in few hours you can move from one park to the other.

Mont Avic is technically not a National Park but a regional park.

The change is negligible for the visitors as the beauty is breathtaking and the environment is very wild and nice.

The only thing that really change is for the people that work there take money to invest coming from different institutions.

Maybe for this reason this park is a bit less famous and for this same reason the Mont Avic National Park Hiking is even more interesting.

The area has all the Alpine features of its neighbor: wildlife, beautiful mountain passes and nice peaks.

Moreover is maybe the hiking area with more alpine lakes of the region.

As the Mont Avic Park has a south exposition it is very well exposed to sun and the ancient glaciers melted few century ago.

The glaciers left their heritage in hundreds of lakes and nice water areas where peculiar wildlife can survive.

The Mont Avic Natural Park Hiking described here is a 4 days ring with wonderful landscapes and beautiful mountain environment for all the 4 days.

We will not meet any human assessment except the mountain shelter(rifugio), so we will have the chance to live in the complete nature for all our trekking.

This is luxury in the XXI century!.


  • Overnight Staying Details
    Two night in a shelter and one night in unguarded hut
    Highest Poing
    Porta Pass (Colle della Porta) 3002m – 9850ft
    Granite Walls, Lakes, Glaciers
    Special Features and Points of Interest
    Wilderness, Balcony Trail: Views!
    Animals you may encounter
    Probable: Marmot, Ibex, Chamois – Rarely: Eagle, Volture, Ermine and Fox
    Fit for children but we’ll need to change the itinerary to make it milder

    • Backpack (30-50 liters) – Rent Possible
    • Hiking Boots – Rent Possible
    • Light Sleeping bag – Rent Possible
    • 1 t-shirt per day
    • 1 fleece
    • 1 jacket against cold
    • 1 jacket against rain
    • 2 extra socks
    • 1 comfortable trouser
    • 1 shorts
    • 1 water bottle
    • Hat and gloves
    • Suncream
    • Sun glasses
    • Spirit of Adventure!


    • Hiking Guide
    • Trasportation from Torino till the Mountain area and back (free service)
    • Overnight staying (directly to the shelter)
    • One meal per day (home made dinner at unguarded huts)
    • Suggestions for the organization of your trip (free service)


    • Other Meals
    • Air ticket till Torino


    In all Trekking Alps hikes there is a high degree of flexibility. Difficulty and duration of the hike can be changed and accomodation in bed and breakfast or hotel can be arranged. Just write an email at info@trekking-alps.com or write us a WhatsApp at +393386608548
  • overview map

    To watch the animated 3d map Click Here

  • sheltersheltershelter




This Trekking Day by Day

  • Champorcher (1420m) – Rif. Miserin(2630m)
    6 hours – 10 Km
    Elevation up: 1200m Elevation down:0trekking day
  • Rif. Miserin(2630m) – Biv. Borroz(2260m)
    7 hours – 12 Km
    Elevation up: 700m Elevation down: 1100mtrekking day
  • Biv. Borroz(2260m) – Rif. Barbustel(2200m)
    7 hours – 12Km
    Elevation up: 1000m Elevation down:1000mtrekking day
  • Rif. Barbustel(2200m) – Champorcher (1420m)
    2 hours – 5 Km
    Elevation up: 100m Elevation down:900mtrekking day

Reviews for this Hike

    An experience to remember!
    Wow! What an experience. My sister and I contacted Roberto looking for a challenging yet fun and rememberable experience and that is exactly what we got, plus more! Roberto was the perfect guide for this type of activity; fun, adventurous, brilliant and skilled. This was my first time snowshoeing and I felt completely comfortable. He supplied all of the necessary materials for the hike so this made preparation easy and effortless. We hiked for the day and then stayed in a shelter overnight and hiked back the next. The time in the mountains was one I will never forget! This was an experience of a life time. I will recommended this to everyone! Roberto was the best!

    (From: USA)
    Great Adventure!
    I signed for this hike a month before so i had the opportunity to Skype with the great guide Roberto and to ask him all the questions i had and revived all the answers I needed. When meeting Roberto after 1 minute you can tell you meet an expert. He is very experienced and well equipped. He was very patient with me and helped go through the hard moments of the trek. I advise you to work out all your muscles and make sure you are in a good shape. Anyway there is no doubt you will enjoy the amazing view of the mountains and living in nature with Roberto's advises and help. I was traveling solo but i joined the group that also signed for the same hike. the group was fun and a very good companion. I was there in march so the snow was still deep and the hard part was walking in snow shoes. i will diffidently try it again in summer. A must have experience!

    (From: Israel)


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