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Frequently Asked Questions

Children Related

  • Children have a discount?
  • In the week end children pay already half price. For the long trekking it has to be personally discussed via email. Anyway some discount can be applyed.
  • Children can participate? Is it a good experience for a child?
  • Definitely children are most welcome. I personally start going in mountain at 5 years old. Anyway it is obvious that children have to be happy to come and experience something different from everyday life in city. I personally like very much children having experienced many volunteer job with them in Asia and Europe.


  • I am vegetarian, will I have some problem? I have some allergies, Will I have some problem?
  • Generally there is no problem. It is good to know it before so that we can organize better.
  • What and how we will eat?
  • It depends a lot on the context. Between June and September if you chose to sleep in Shelter excellent hot meal are served as dinner. It is also sometime possible to eat in a mountain village for lunch but for sure we will have also many cold meal(bread with mountain cheese and ham or canned food). Sometimes is possible also to light a little fire to cook meat or vegetable barbecue. Details are discussed personally.
  • Is the food included in the price?
  • No. Trekking Alps gives the chance to everyone to decide what to eat and what not to eat. It is very subjective how much you can spend for the food. So It is up to you to buy what they want. Anyway we are very much expert in restaurants and to find the best food around Turin. Especially if you like cheese, meat and wine, this is the best land for enjoying such food.


  • Is Trekking Alps a tour operator?
  • No, this is a portal where we offer service mainly as Hiking Guide. The price include the service as hiking guide only with the addition of the money you will pay personally to the shelter eventually. Please contact us personally if you need clarification about this detail. If needed the tour operator Vertical Life Adventure support our  activity as hiking guide organizing the Self Guided Tour and contacting the Mountain Guide(Guida Alpina).
  • Is it possible to have someone helping to carry some stuff?
  • Yes, with an extra fee. It can be discuss personally case by case.
  • Will the backpack be heavy?
  • For week end around 4-5 kg while for long trekking can be also 8-9Kg.
  • Which language does the guide speak?
  • Italian, English and Spanish.
  • Is the flight included in the price?
  • No.
  • Where I can sleep before and after the hiking?
  • The night before the trekking, you can sleep in some beautiful Bed&Breaksfast near Avigliana Lakes or in Torino city center for around 40 euro per person per night.
  • What should I bring with me?
  • Here Trekking Alps page for hiking packing list. In general: Boots, 1 warm but light jacket, 2-3 Sweaters or polar fleeces with different degree of warmth, k-way against rain, 2 long comfortable trousers, 1 short trousers, 2-3 heavy socks, 1 t-shirt per day. "Shower" will be rare and more probably in lakes, streams or waterfall a part from luxury trekking. Spirit of adventure is required!
  • How many guides are coming in trekking?
  • Normally one guide as the normal size of a group is between 2 and 6 persons. For big groups or for Corporate trips the guides are usually one every 8-10 persons. But everything can be discussed privately. In having more guide you will have more flexibility. The guide aim is to became a friend after the hike and this is pretty normal in living such a strong experience together. We already travelled around the world to visit our beloved customers!
  • We are a big group. Can we have discount?
  • Yes. Particular conditions can be discussed personally. Also if you are a student in exchange in europe you'll have access to discount in coming in a group or in joining an hike.
  • What if I feel too tired to keep trekking?
  • It is often possible to re-arrange the trekking according to the physical condition of the participants. Trekking Alps philosophy is to bring a small group of person; generally a single family or single group of friends coming together in order to have more chance to have homogeneous need for the single persons. Trekking means adventure. If everything will go exactly as planned something is wrong
  • What happen if the weather is bad?
  • Generally weather in Piedmont alps is quite different from valley to valley. If in the region where the trekking is located is bad weather we can do a similar trekking where we can get more sun. In case the weather is awful everywhere it is possible to postpone the trekking or chose for a more cultural kind of event (visiting Fenestrelle Fort –Reggia di Venaria – Abazzia di Novalesa – Sant Antonio di Raverso).
  • What is a Shelter/Mountain Lodge?
  • Shelters are big house normally set in low or middle altitude in the  mountain. With respect with bivuacs they have always heating systems, toilets and there is a service of hot meals. Rarely tey have hot showers. It is important to notice that in the shelters all mountaineers sleep in the same big shared room. Mountain is an adventure, not a touristic trip. Check here for a full description of the possible accomodation in your Alps Hiking. Monviso_Vallanta
  • What is a Bivuac/Unguarded Hut?
  • Bivuacs or Unguarded Huts are rough little house made by iron or wood, normally set in the middle of the mountain. Bivuacs are very simple and they have inside usually no more than a bed with a blanket. Bivuac are the best way to live the the mountain environment even though they are generally speaking not considered comfortable. In case the trekking is between June and August it is also possible to sleep in Shelters. Check here for a full description of the possible accomodation in your Alps Hiking. Susa_blays
  • Where we will sleep?
  • There are different accomodation fit for all. Here you find a detailed description of the posible accomodation in the Alps: Also if you want proper hotel with 4 stars and SPA is also possible to organize very luxurious Inn to Inn Hiking. Just contact us and let us know your interests and will. Everything is doable in the Alps!
  • I have never been trekking, is it an experience fit for everyone?
  • Trekking in mountain is tiring. It is not necessary being particularly sporty but it is fundamental to be psychologically prepared to be tired. Walk is not a strong effort but it is long and continuous. Fatigue is part of the experience and make you even more happy when you reach the shelter or the peak you are planned to reach that day. Trekking Alps offer a wide choice of trekking, from challenging to the “lazy” ones.

Scheduling and Planning

  • Can I book an hike in the website
  • No it is not possible. We want to speak with all our clients before to book an hike. It is important to get to know each other to understand which is the right experience to offer. That is why all our customers are so happy🙂
  • How it works with scheduling the hikes?
  • Trekking Alps organizes hiking all year long for private and small group. You can either join an already planned hike and save some money as you will share the fixed costs or you can book an hike privately. The bigger is the group the less you will pay. Check the Student Offers if you are a student. Once you book the hike, the trek will be online and we'll try to involve other people. If you prefer to have a Private Hike, there is no problems!
  • How and when will I pay?
  • To book the trek you will need to send a bank deposit or a Paypal deposit. Please contact us and we will provide you more details.

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