Hiking the Alps in October

Enjoy the Foliage in the Majestic Italian Alps

Autumn Hiking in the Alps: Hiking in October

The incredible colours of Foliage, Discover the beauty of Fall with Trekking Alps

Hiking in October it is unique. If you are lucky and you come hiking in the Italian Alps during the foliage you will pick the mountains in its best and more picturesque period of all year!

The Larches became yellow and the cherry trees and the maple leafs become red. It is just spectacular to do trekking in the wonderful landscape which looks like a fairy tales. It is not easy to come in the right time and it is not always the same.

The first week of October is also perfect to spot Deer which are in their mating season. As it is in between season the type of trek you will be able to do it depends on the season. Hiking in October, together with June, is my favourite and the most spectacular month for mountain adventures.

Sometimes we can’t go above 2200/2500 meters, some other time you still have a summer like mountain conditions.

The only possibility you have, is just to come hiking the Alps in October in our beautiful Italian Alps and experience it! You will not regret it.

Main Features



  • Best Altitude: between 1800 and 2700 meters
  • Average Temperature at 2000 meters at 12AM: 10°C
  • Special: Foliage, Silence
  • Ideal Days of Trekking: 2 to 3 also sleeping in Unguarded hut/Bivuac
Half Day Hike from Turin 1

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Hiking Tours in October

This is our Trekking Alps offer for the month of October

Consider that every season is different so you always need to contact us to see which hike are avaiable considering the mountain conditions.

Autumn Hikings you can Choose from

Duration: 1 DAY
Price: € 80
Milan Amazing Day Hike
Even from Milan you can enjoy a wonderful Day hike in the Alps. You can visit different hiking areas depending whether you have a car or not....

 Day Trek from Milan - Planned Dates

  • 2019 - DEC 09 / DEC 09 (Days: 1 - Participants: 2)

    Join this hike: € 70.00(€ 80)

Duration: 1 DAY
Price: € 90
Amazing beauty of Aosta Valley
Day hike in Aosta Valley are countless and possible all year round. We can decide togheter the mood of your day hike: difficulty, number of hours and specific requests....

 Day Trek in Aosta Valley - Planned Dates

  • 2019 - DEC 04 / DEC 04 (Days: 1 - Participants: 2)

    Join this hike: € 70.00(€ 90)

Duration: 1 DAY
Price: € 80
Day Hike from Turin
Day hike from Turin are wonderful. Join one of our hike or plan it whenever you want. Wonderful Alps experience even in half day....

 Day Trek in Piedmont - Planned Dates

  • 2020 - APR 05 / APR 05 (Days: 1 - Participants: 4)

    Join this hike: € 70.00(€ 80)

difficulty: EASY
Duration: 2 DAYS
Price: € 189
Area: Turin Alps  
All Year Round an Amazing Adventure fit for Everybody
A wonderful hike in Pellice Valleya, a nice valley near Turin. All year round we can enjoy the comfort of a guarded shelter in this magic place between Italian and French Alps....

 A Night in the Alps near Turin - Planned Dates

  • 2020 - JAN 15 / JAN 16 (Days: 2 - Participants: 2)

    Join this hike: € 180.00(€ 189.00)

difficulty: MEDIUM
Duration: 5 DAYS
Price: No Standard Price for this Hike
4000 meters Festival
The more famous peaks of the world: Matterhorn, Monte Bianco, Gran Paradiso and Monte Rosa will be your firends in these amazing tour of the Italian Alps. With flexible difficulty and sleeping in bed and breakfast it will be a memorable trek!...

 Alps Giants Hiking Tour - Planned Dates

  • 2019 - DEC 16 / DEC 19 (Days: 4 - Participants: 1)

    Join this hike: € 700.00(tbd)

difficulty: MEDIUM
Duration: 2 DAYS
Price: € 179
A Wonderful Night in the Ligurian Alps
Maritime Alps are a hidden treasure. For those who can't afford or do not have time for more than a night in this wonderful area where the Alps meets with the Mediterranean Sea, this option will give you the wonderful opportunity to discover this wonderful part of the Alps....
Duration: 1 DAY
Price: € 80
Hike in Italian Riviera
The Ligurian Alps are a very special place with unique features. A Day Hike in this area is just great. It will give you a chance to hike in amazing mountain sceneries while never losing sight of the blue Mediterranean Sea. ...
Duration: HALF DAY
Price: € 50
Area: Turin Alps  
If you have little time but you love Nature!
Even if you have only half day in Turin, you can live the amazing landscapes of the Italian Alps. Few hours are enough to get great viewpoints of the Alps...
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