Assisted Hikes

A Local Guide Help to organize your Hike in the Italian Alps

Asissted Hikes - Full flexibility, Tailor Made Service!

A Professional Local guide will help you with the organization of your hike in the Italian Alps

Trekking Alps offers this service of Assisted hike. Unlike the Self guided hike where the Verticalife Tour operator is involved and can book for you directly a fixed itinerary, the assisted hike works more like a consultancy service.

Even if you are an expert hiker you might need an help from a local to understand the beautiful area of the West Alps. You will speak with Roberto, a professional hiking guide, that will help you to find the best route for you. To organize a hike is not as easy and to find the right route can be challenging without knowing the area. According to your need we tailor made the hike and you will receive a efficient, cheap and professional service.

Assisted Hikes in the Alps is...


We will speak via WhatsApp and we will call the huts to check availability

Perfect for families

Excellent solution for a sporty family: we'll organize the right hike for your kids!


This will cost you less than you can imagine. We are cheap and efficient!

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Build your adventure with our support

Assisted hike can be organized in many different way.

It is a very nice idea to have a local guide for one day that will introduce you to the area. Like this it will explain you “live” the trek that you will do by yourself. The Local guide is a big plus and to have it at least for one day can be amazing before to explore the beauty of the Italian Alps by yourself. But is also possible to make a full assisted hike. In this case you will “use” the local guide as a trekking advisor and you will build with him/her directly the amazing hike just right for you. We will speak on the phone and we will build together the perfect hike for you.

This is bascially possible only in summer months. In the other months the mountain is too dangerous to go by yourself.


Differences between Guided, Self guided and Assisted Hikes

The guided hikes are completely organized by the guide and you will always have an expert with you. That do not only explain the magic of the territory but also will take care directly of your saefty.

The self guided hike, you will pay a tour operator that will take care directly of the booking and give you gps tracks and map.

The assisted hike is more like a consultancy service. You will speak with the local guide that will help you to build the hike. He will check the avaiability in the lodges and than you’ll pay them directly. moreover we will take car of all the details to make logistically speaking possible your hike.

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Assisted Hikes

Draft Cost Example and Features

The costs of an Assisted Hikes are very reduced even though it will make possible to have an amazing hike.

The cost depends on the “complexity” of your case but just as an example of draft cost 5 Days/4 nights for a family of 4 in Summer, with at least 2 weeks of anticipation would cost 200 euro.

If you want the GPS tracks of the full hike to download in your phone or GPS there will be an extra cost depending on the lenght of the route.

We will suggest you what map to buy, where to leave the car and warn you about the possible dangers but then all the responsability for your saefty will be your. Remember that the mountain is an unpretected environment and you have to be very careful. Assisted hikes are meant for Expert Hikers.

Where we organize Assisted Hikes

The areas of our assisted hikes is the Trekking Alps area: north west Italy.
You can explore the single sections of the mountain area in the Italian Alps Hiking Area page.
The most typical assisted hike is Gran Paradiso for flexible hikes from 3 to 6 days or the  Tour of Monviso tour in the Laghe Area, also from 3 to 8 Days.
Said so depending on your will and need we’ll organize a specific hike for you. Assisted hike is specially good for Family with children. With them the hikes will be easy but you don’t want to make mistake when children are involved. So trust the guide and give us the chance to organize the best possible experience for your family!

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