Langhe Alps Hiking Area

a spectacular hidden treasure in the Alps

Monviso and South Piedmont - Hiking Langhe Alps Area

another mountain Alps spot pretty unknown from hikers all over the world but it is definitively an hidden treasure

Hiking Langhe Area is stunning. This is located in the South Piedmont nad the Langhe is a famous wine region nearby. So in this page we will present you the area as Langhe Area or South Piedmont as synonymous. This mountain area, even if here there are not anymore big glaciers, the peaks above 3000 meters are present and the landscapes in Monviso, Margueris, Alpi Marittime National Park are just gorgeous. Paths in the Laghe Hiking Area are pretty well marked usually and because the altitudes are less than in Aosta Valley region (Gran Paradiso, Monte Bianco, etc) they can be a nice option when there is a lot of snow in winter trekking.

As in Turin Alps Hiking Area also in the South Piedmont Hiking Area the tourism is mainly from locals and that makes the mountains much less crowded and pretty authentic experience to live. Hiking in Langhe area is a perfect opportunity to visit other regions as well. Langhe are at the border with Liguria, a region mainly known for its beautiful riviera over the Mediterranean sea. Southern Piedmont Hiking is a perfect opportunity for your holidays to do trekking in the mountains and after the hiking tour is finished, go relaxing at the seaside at Cinque Terre or in any other nice town in Liguria.

Features of South Piedmont Alps


Near Place to visit and Special Features


Hiking Langhe in Alba Region

Maritime Alps-05112

Maritime Alps and Caves


Monviso Peak View

trekking monviso

South Piedmont Alps Geography

The Alps in this South Piedmont Hiking Area are also known by the locals as Cuneo Alps, from the name of the largest town in the area(Cuneo). Langhe Hiking area is covers from the hills to the Alps. Monviso peak is towering above everything else with its 3800 meters. Making the tour of this nice mountain between Italian and French Alps is an amazing experience but far from being the only one you can have. Varaita and Maira Valley are becoming popular with its hikes all year round and the Maritime Alps are also a very nice option. In this mountains are present the most caves and gorges in Italy. From the Maritime National Park it is possible to spot the Mediterranean Sea from the top of some peak at more than 2500 meters of altitude, at the border of Liguria and South Piedmont Region. This unique environment between mountains and see is unique in Italy and offers many trekking opportunities and itineraries. The South Piedmont Hiking Area is south-west from Torino and the trip to this mountain area is from 1 hour and half to 2 hours.
a_monviso2 (Copia)

Wildlife of South Piedmont Alps

The wildlife is pretty much present in these mountains as man abandoned these area that was lived more 100 years ago by pastures and farming and the tourism have not yet a big impact over the mountains. Ibexes, Chamoises and Marmots are pretty much easy to spot. Tour of Monviso is maybe the only one pretty crowded in the South Piedmont Hiking Area while in the other valleys you’ll easily be the only foreigner of the mountain. For the wildlife is a very nice place to settle down. You can find deer in the forests, lots of marmots in the meadows and ibex and chamois in the high Alps environment above the bush. In Monviso Trekking Area is also present the endemic Salamandra Lanzai, a nice black lizzard.


Accommodation in the Langhe Alps

It is possible to find any kind of accommodation in the  Langhe Hiking Area and in Cuneo region. There are maybe more hotel and bed and breakfast than in Turin Trekking area and the shelter and unguarded huts are rarely crowded (with the exception of Tour of Monviso) and offer a big variety of places where to sleep during your hut-to-hut mountain holiday.

Our Hikes in Langhe Alps Area

Duration: 1 DAY
Price: € 90
Day Hike from Turin
Day hike from Turin are wonderful. Join one of our hike or plan it whenever you want. Wonderful Alps experience even in half day....

 Day Trek in Piedmont - Planned Dates

  • 2023 - JUL 22 / JUL 22 (Days: 1 - Participants: 2)

    Join this hike: € 80.00(€ 90)

difficulty: MEDIUM
Duration: 6 DAYS
Price: € 849
Around the West Alps Giant
This long, marvelous trekking surrounds the majestic Monviso Peak(3841m), enormous king of western Alps. The daily hikes are quite long even though the gradient of altitude is not so high. The landscapes are very beautiful with huge meadows and rocky mountain all over. A good hiking holiday for beginner as well....

 Big Tour of Monviso - Planned Dates

  • 2023 - JUL 03 / JUL 06 (Days: 4 - Participants: 3)

    Join this hike: € 550.00(€ 849.00)

Duration: FLEXIBLE
Price: No Standard Price for this Hike
Area: Langhe Alps  
Mountains Hikes in Comfort
This Inn to Inn Maritime Alps discover is a great way to enjoy the mountains with comforts. The Maritime Alps are particularly indicated in the half season such as Spring/Early Summer and Late Summer/Autumn....
difficulty: MEDIUM
Duration: 4 DAYS
Price: € 649
Marguareis Natural Park Hiking Tour
The Marguareis Natural park is unique in this part of the Alps. Unlike in any other valley of the North West of the Alps, the rocks here are mainly limestone based. The Alps here looks like the moon!...
difficulty: MEDIUM
Duration: 2 DAYS
Price: € 189
Back to the Roots
Try the luxury of Disconnection! From Mobile and even from making pictures. Discover how beautiful it can be to be free from any Social Media Pressure and Live the moment!...
Technical difficulty: F+
Phisical Challenge: 6/10
Duration: 2 DAYS
Price: € 550
Area: Langhe Alps  
King of Rock
Monviso Peak is massive from Torino. Summit Monviso Peak is not very difficult and it it basically a scramble to the peak from the “Normal Route”. Though is very exposed and you need to be comfortable with that....
Duration: 6 TO 13 DAYS
Wonderful Val Maira
Maira Valley, or Val Maira in Italian, is one of the more suitable area for Self Guided Hikes. It has pretty easy hikes at the bottom of the valleys suitable for everyone and with nice provate accomodation every day. The Wonderful Val Maira is waiting for you in a fantastic Self Guided Hike!...
difficulty: MEDIUM
Duration: 2 DAYS
Price: € 209
Area: Langhe Alps  
A night in the Alps near the Monviso peak in the Alps
In choosing a shelter in South Piedmont Trekking Alps selected a shelter near Monviso. There is not a better place where to spend your night if you want to see the real culture of the Mountains....
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