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Reach a Peak All Year Round in the Italian Alps


Trekking Peaks in the Italian Alps

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Reaching a peak is not only for professionals. The term “Trekking Peak” means that you can reach a mountain peak without mountaineering skills using ropes, cloves, harness, crompons, ax, etc. For sure you need to be in good shape but there is plenty of choice and we’ll select the right peak for you up in the Italian Alps. Hiking a Trekking Peak it is possible, even in the famous and spectacular Alps. And even for beginners if they are motivated and are fit. There are plenty of choices and here we describe a list of peaks in the Trekking Alps area that are a good option for the season. Be aware that these peaks might be dangerous to reach, so this is a list of peaks we suggest to reach with the guide. We decline any responsibility in going by yourself: mountains are a dangerous environment, specially during the “non-summer” season.

Find the right Trekking Peak in the Alps

Mongioie Peak

When You are coming?

The season is crucial to choose the right peak: read here below for more details.


1 or 2 days?

If you can come for 2 days it is better but even in one day peaks are reachable.


What is your fitness level?

Depending on your fitness level and hiking experience we'll choose the good target.

The Torre d'Ovarda peak

Hiking a Peak in the Alps: 1 or 2 days

There are many different peaks that you can reach in the Alps, and it is important to let us know your fitness level and hiking experience. Some peaks are more exposed and you better have experience while other are more easy and they are reachable also for beginners. In order to understand which is your perfect Trekking Peak is also important to know if you want to reach t in one single day or you prefer a 2 days Experience. The Alps are full of roads reaching high pasttures so even in one day it is possible to reach even the 3000 meters peaks. But if you want a more complete experience a 2 days is suggested: there is nothing like sleeping up in the mountains!

Hiking a Trekking Peak in the Alps: Season

Another very important variable to choose the right Trekking Peak in the Alps is the time of the year when you are coming. In the mountains it is crucial to choose the right target depending on the mountain conditions(means snow, ice and other eventual potential dangers). So in the table here below you find a draft possible classification in seasons but this is not stable. The conditions must be considered specifically the days before the hike. In reaching high altitude, it is crucial to understand where is the level of the snow and what are the conditions. You can also consider to join in one of our hike and check the Trekking Alps Calendar.

hiking up the shelter

Main Peaks

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