Winter Alps Hiking in Europe

Snowshoeing and Winter Hiking in the Italian Alps

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Alps Hiking in Winter - December, January and February

Wild environment, cold temperatures and white landscapes. Live the mountains when the Nature is more extreme!

Winter hiking in Europe is not your typical easy holiday. Most of people see the mountains in winter only as a place to Ski, but winter hiking is actually a very nice activity.  If you are looking for winter hiking in Europe with is the right place to come: here in Turin we organize all sort of winter hikes. We can organize quite easy half day snowshoes hike to wild trip in the middle of the mountains!

Winter can be harsh, dark, freezing. In a word: uncomfortable. Nonetheless the Alps in winter are enchanting and lovely and probably offer the best views and landscapes of the year. Mountain is an harsh environment generally speaking: it is tiring to move, can be dangerous and you are under the nature law, often outside the comfort zone. But this is why you feel so alive when you are hiking in the Alps mountains: you feel that life is not taken for granted. Days are short and this website will help you to understand how many daylight there are in Torino area when you will come.

Winter Hiking in Europe: the Wild side of Italy.

In the winter mountain hiking this is even more true: you can feel the adventure even more than in the other seasons. When the snow is thick, walking and hiking is really tiring and sometimes to reach the target becomes impossible. To organize an hut to hut for many days with snowshoes is quite hard and it can be arranged just for really adventurous and bold people. In the Alps in Italy, mountain passes are covered by snow and it is very hard to arrange a continuous few days hike, sleeping in the mountains. Nevertheless it is also possible to arrange easy winter hiking in this corner of Europe, sleeping in bed and breakfast or in easy to reach Mountain Lodge open all year round. If you want to experience the harshness of the mountains, an winter hike in Italy will be just unforgettable. If you pass by Europe in Winter, do not miss hiking and snowshoeing in the Italian Alps!

Our Winter Hikes in Europe

Hiking in winter in the Alps can be a serious thing. Bust it is also something very nice and suitable for all. The reason why you should come hiking in winter are the following:

  • Snow Landscape The unique enchanting landscape of winter is incomparable
  • Real Mountain environment the best and extreme mountain enviroment is in winter!

Winter hikes are a very good option. Ask us and we will tell you which hikes are avaiable with snowshoes or just winter hikes in the Alps. Consider that in this season the mountain conditions are crucial to choose the hike. So it will be probable that we will choose the hike depending on the snow and ice conditions just before the Hike will take place. We will always for with “Seafty First” attitude. Specially in winter where the mountains are more dangerous.

difficulty: MEDIUM
Duration: 2 DAYS
Price: € 209
A Wonderful Night in the Ligurian Alps
Maritime Alps are a hidden treasure. For those who can't afford or do not have time for more than a night in this wonderful area where the Alps meets with the Mediterranean Sea, this option will give you the wonderful opportunity to discover this wonderful part of the Alps....

 A Night in Lodge in the Ligurian Alps - Planned Dates

  • 2023 - APR 28 / APR 29 (Days: 2 - Participants: 2)

    Join this hike: € 180.00(€ 209.00)

difficulty: MEDIUM
Duration: 2 DAYS
Price: € 199
Wonderful Hike in the Mont Avic
Mont Avic Natural Park in Aosta Valley is just near Gran Paradiso, a bit less known, same natural beauty and mountain landscapes. ...

 Mont Avic Short Hike - Planned Dates

  • 2023 - JAN 02 / JAN 03 (Days: 2 - Participants: 3)

    Join this hike: € 180.00(€ 199.00)

Duration: 1 DAY
Price: € 90
Day Hike from Turin
Day hike from Turin are wonderful. Join one of our hike or plan it whenever you want. Wonderful Alps experience even in half day....

 Day Trek in Piedmont - Planned Dates

  • 2022 - DEC 13 / DEC 13 (Days: 1 - Participants: 2)

    Join this hike: € 80.00(€ 90)

difficulty: MEDIUM
Duration: 3 DAYS
Price: € 449
Area: Turin Alps  
The Orsiera Natural Park in Winter
Torino is a perfect headquarter for a Snowshoeing adventure in Orsiera Natural Park. is a fantastic activity bringing you in the mountain silence even in the cold season near Torino, Italy. Orsiera Natural Park Snowshoeing is an amazing opportunity to live three days of silence....

 Orsiera Natural Park Snowshoeing - Planned Dates

  • 2022 - DEC 16 / DEC 18 (Days: 3 - Participants: 2)

    Join this hike: € 430.00(€ 449.00)

  • 2023 - APR 06 / APR 08 (Days: 3 - Participants: 1)

    Join this hike: € 400.00(€ 449.00)

Duration: FLEXIBLE
Price: No Standard Price for this Hike
Area: Monte Bianco  
Alps Iconic Landscapes
Hut to Hut in Dolomites Area brings you to explore one of the most iconic mountain range in the planet, World Heritage Site by UNESCO...
Duration: 1 DAY
Price: € 80
Hike in Italian Riviera
A Day hike from Genova is really at hand and it shows very often a unique characteristic, the sea view! If you are in Genova and you want to have an outdoor experience, the mountains are really really close to you and this is the right place if you want to have a day Hike from Genova in the Mediterranean Mountains. ...
Duration: 1 DAY
Price: € 80
The Great Beauty of the Italian Coast
A day hike in Italian Riviera is something more than a simple excursion: it’s an explosion of perfumes of maritime pines and aromatic herbs, a deep blue experience walking the trails, constantly watching the sea. ...
Duration: 1 DAY
Price: € 100
Day or Night Winter Hike!
If you are looking for an adventure in winter a snowshoes hike from Turin is the right one! If you are in Turin or in the north of Italy during winter you can have a different experience. ...
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