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Legal Responsability

Trekking Alps is a web portal and not a Tour operator. All the guides are patented (official Guida Escursionistica Ambientale or Guida Alpina) and they are the only responsible for the Safety and the Good Success of the Trek. Therefore all the responsibility is on the guide that will choose the route before and during the trek. It is crucial to listen and follow all the suggestion of the guide which will have the right to change the route during the trek due to safety reasons or physical conditions of the participants or the guide itself. The cost will eventually reduce or increase accordingly.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is not provided by default for our customers. So it is the customer responsibility to know what is cover by his/her health insurance in the European mountains, where the hike will take place. If you need a special health insurance you can ask specifically. Consider that Helicopter rescue is available in the Alps but can be very expensive if you are not covered by health insurance. The rescue service in the Italian Alps could be for free but only if the call is considered justified by the doctor visiting the injured person.

Cancellation Policy and Refund

The deposit you will send to book the hike is not refundable unless the weather forecast will be as bad as it is not possible to enjoy a hike in the Alps. The choice whether to cancel the hike or not is on the guide. In case you will cancel for personal reasons the refund will not take place. In case the customer will want to cancel for personal reasons the sooner the guide will know, the better it is. In case this cancellation by the customer will not affect the guide he/she can give you the chance to use the deposit in another hike or refund you eventually. If instead the cancellation will affect the guide, you will lose the deposit and this choice is up to the guide. If the guide will have a personal issue we’ll try to substitute him/her with our network of guides. In case this will not be possible, we will refund you. For COVID the cancellation ploicy is different: you will be refunded in case you can’t come because of COVID.

Acknowledgment - Health and Saefty

In booking a hike you are aware that the physical exertion required to participate in the Trekking Activities proposed can activate or aggravate pre-existing injuries, conditions, or congenital defects. In booking a hike you acknowledge that you should seek medical advice if you know or suspect that your physical condition may be incompatible with the Hike. In booking the hike you acknowledge that you are required to wear approved safety equipment while participating the hike. You can ask the guide any questions you may have as to the proper use of any equipment. In booking the hike you will receive the gear list prepared according to the season and type of hike. It’s customers’ responsibility to check the list and tell to the guide what gears have to be provided. Hiking shoes are mandatory.

Assumption of Risks

In booking a hike you are aware that the Trekking activity involve many risks, dangers and hazards. The hiking guide main priority is to make these risks as low as possible but you are aware that the Hikes are set in Wild and Unprotected environment and the risks are part of the Trekking activity. These risks may include but are not limited to:

  • personal injury and/or death
  • travel to remote areas without access to medical facilities or treatment
  • changing weather conditions
  • interactions or encounters with wildlife
  • equipment malfunctions
  • negligence of other participants or guides
  • consumption of alcohol
  • collisions with vehicles, equipment, or structures
  • becoming lost or separated from guides or other participants and the failure to remain within designated areas

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