French Alps Hiking Area

Vanoise, Ecrins and Queyras National Parks

French Alps Hiking Area

Amazing valleys, glaciers, lakes and big spaces. This is the French Alps

French Alps are great! Not only because they are beautiful, but because they are vast. Compared with the Italian Alps, the French Alps Hiking Area, offer wider landscapes and very well marked paths. There are many valleys where is possible to Hike in the French Alps. The Parks are very beautiful and even though most of the mountains are widely anthropyzed, there are still some beautiful untouched places. The mountain region that we cover is the area in the triangle between three amazing parks: Ecrins National Parks, Vanoise National Park and Queyras National Parks. In this beautiful corner of France it is possible to enjoy the pristine beauty of the Alps.
As in the rest of the areas, the hikes can be very different and can be organized tailor-made. We normally do not organize small hikes of one or two days: in the French Alps we propose 3 days/2 nights minimum. Of course, there are many huts and lodges but unlike in Italy it is better to book a bit in advance here: French people are more outdoorsy than Italians and sometimes huts are quite small.
The place to meet can be agreed together: we can meet directly at the hiking spot or also it is possible to meet in Turin. Turin, in the northwest of Italy and our headquarter, is one hour away from France which is at our doorstep.

Features French Alps Region

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Near Place to visit and Special Features

Picturesque autumn landscape with imposing medieval citadel in fortified township of Briancon in Hautes-Alpes department, France



Ecrins National Park

Norway Alps Day Hike Torino-04274

Lakes and Forts at the Border


Geography of French Alps

French Alps offer a more mild and grassy landscape than the Italian Alps. The mountains are more smooth here and the paths less steep… unless you really go for some big climb. There are plenty of very high routes that make it easy to access very high elevations. The most famous Tour de France Passes are here: Galibier, Lautaret, Izoard, Iseran, Alpe d’Huez… and many others. That means that we can drive in a beautiful high mountain environment and start our hike there.

The area is huge so it is not possible to make a detailed description of flora, fauna and geology. But we can tell you that French Alps area has everything you except from a typical Alps environment.


French Alps Wildlife

Ibexes are less easy to see then in the Italian Alps. It does not means they are not there… but there is far less of them. Chamois instead is a quite typical encounter and even more the marmots. Marmots live in big high medows and this is exactly what the french alps are known for.

Another special animal that we find much less in the Italian side of the Alps is the Gyps(Griffon Vulture). the biggest voulture of the Alps with almost 3 meters of wing aperture. They live in groups and if they find a carcass it is possible to spot tens of them. They are impressive with their size that makes them the biggest bird of Europe.

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Accommodation in French Alps

French Alps offer a great network of alpine hut(Refuge). Bivuac are way less frequent while there are many villages up in the mountains that we will pass by. So it is definitively possible to organize stay at hotel and bed and breakfasts.

As for all Trekking Alps hikes there is full flexibility so contact us and we will organize the best hike for you in the French Alps according to your need and will.

Our Hikes in French Alps

difficulty: MEDIUM
Duration: 6 DAYS
Price: € 699
Around the West Alps Giant
This long, marvelous trekking surrounds the majestic Monviso Peak(3841m), enormous king of western Alps. The daily hikes are quite long even though the gradient of altitude is not so high. The landscapes are very beautiful with huge meadows and rocky mountain all over. A good hiking holiday for beginner as well....

 Big Tour of Monviso - Planned Dates

  • 2022 - JUL 17 / JUL 22 (Days: 6 - Participants: 2)

    Join this hike: € 680.00(€ 699.00)

  • 2022 - JUL 17 / JUL 19 (Days: 3 - Participants: 2)

    Join this hike: € 400.00(€ 699.00)

difficulty: EASY
Duration: 4 DAYS
Price: € 499
Area: French Alps  
A beautiful corner of the National Park
Beautiful long ring in the Heart of Vanoise National Park, in the French Alps. Amazing landscapes for an unforgettable experience. Big Mountains and great hikes!...
difficulty: VERY HARD
Duration: 5 DAYS
Price: € 669
Area: French Alps  
Sweet mountains of the French Alps
Beautiful long ring in the Heart of Vanoise National Park, in the French Alps. Amazing landscapes for an unforgettable experience. Big Mountains and great hikes!...
difficulty: MEDIUM
Duration: 4 DAYS
Price: € 549
Area: French Alps  
Big Monutains, Great Environment!
The Ecrins Massif is really impressive: big rock walls, glaciers and pristine nature. Many different opportunities could be implemented in this Ecrins National Park Hike...
difficulty: VERY HARD
Duration: 4 DAYS
Price: € 549
Area: French Alps  
Remote French Alps Hike
Thabor Peak is located in a very remote corner of French Alps, easier to reach from Turin and Italy then from Grenoble or Modane. Tour of Thabor is a challenging wild hike: not steep but with quite long route. French style....
difficulty: VERY HARD
Duration: 6 DAYS
Price: € 749
Area: French Alps  
Trek in the French Alps
Tour of Querays trekking holidays is entirely developed in the French Alps territory. Particularly in the very beautiful Queyras National Park. It is a very long hiking holidays and the accomodations are very comfortable refuges and gite d'etape in the french Alps small mountain villages. ...