Turin Alps Trekking Area

Chisone, Susa and Lanzo Valleys

Hiking in Turin Alps Region

Susa, Chisone and Lanzo Valleys – Alps Near Turin

Near the city of Turin there are many valleys with different souls which in this section we describe as Turin Alps Hiking Area. Susa valley is probably the most popular valley if you want to do trekking near Torino.

Susa Valley is also the most populated valley in the mountain area which means less wilderness but also more history and culture, while in Lanzo Valleys and Chisone Valley you’ll have really the chance to live the mountains on your own. These trekking area near Turin are not mass market yet and the locals have not the time and the possibility to “invade” the mountain region as the paths are thousands among hundreds of small valleys to explore.

The consequence is that you can live the mountain on your own and consequently living a very special trekking experience. In the Hiking Turin Alps Area there are also different regional and natural parks. Orsiera Rocciavrè Natural park is in part of this Area with its wildlife and it’s beautiful mid mountain environment. The paths also can be very different. If in the Orsiera Rocciavrè Park they are very well marked and often pretty good, in other regions the trekking paths are really wild and especially in June-July the vegetation can be pretty strong, hiding them.

Features of Turin Alps Region


Near Place to visit and Special Features


Fenestrelle Fort (Chisone Valley)

sacra san michele

Sacra di San Michele (Susa Valley)




Turin Alps Geography

The Valleys of the mountain region near Turin are settled east to west and they have different length and width. Some of them are really big and wide as the Susa and Chisone Valley and other like the Lanzo or Germanasca Valleys are more narrow and hidden.

The Orsiera Rocciavrè Regional Park divide the two main valleys(Chisone and Susa) and is the main sactuary for wildlife. Because this region is the nearest to Turin city center is the most obvious destination for your day hike from Turin or for a 2 days hike if you don’t want to spend too many hours in the car. This trekking Areas is west from Torino and the trip to this mountain area is from 30 minutes to 1 hour and half.

Trekking Alps Quattro Denti Susa Valley-09800

Turin Alps Wildlife

The Fauna in the mountains near Turin is pretty much present in these mountains as the men are pretty much abandoning these area and the tourism have not a hughe impact over the mountains.

Ibexes, Chamoises and Marmots are pretty much easier to spot. In the Lanzo valley with the border with French Alps there are alsoVoltures while in Orsiera Rocciavrè is one of the best spot to see the deers. In Late September they have their mating next to a hut where is very much probable to see this amazing animal. Also wolves are living in this park but unfortunately they are very difficult to spot.


Turin Alps Accommodation

In the Turin Alps Mountain Hiking Area there is all kind of offer in this area except from the luxury hotel: bed and breakfast and shelters are pretty much for all tastes. Unguarded huts are nice but not so comfortable as for example the ones in Monte Bianco and Monte Rosa Hiking Area.

The good thing is that as they are pretty hidden and not used it is more probable to be alone to enjoy the wilderness. The people rarely spoke english but you’ll have the chance to see real and authentic mountain life untouched by tourism, specially outside Susa Valley.

Our Hikes in Turin Alps Area

Duration: 1 DAY
Price: € 90
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Torino is a perfect headquarter for a Snowshoeing adventure in Orsiera Natural Park. is a fantastic activity bringing you in the mountain silence even in the cold season near Torino, Italy. Orsiera Natural Park Snowshoeing is an amazing opportunity to live three days of silence....

 Orsiera Natural Park Snowshoeing - Planned Dates

  • 2023 - APR 06 / APR 08 (Days: 3 - Participants: 1)

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Duration: HALF DAY
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If you have little time but you love Nature!
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Back to the Roots
Try the luxury of Disconnection! From Mobile and even from making pictures. Discover how beautiful it can be to be free from any Social Media Pressure and Live the moment!...
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Deep trip in the Nature
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Duration: 6 TO 13 DAYS
Wonderful Val Maira
Maira Valley, or Val Maira in Italian, is one of the more suitable area for Self Guided Hikes. It has pretty easy hikes at the bottom of the valleys suitable for everyone and with nice provate accomodation every day. The Wonderful Val Maira is waiting for you in a fantastic Self Guided Hike!...
Duration: 1 DAY
Price: € 90
Milan Amazing Day Hike
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