Climbing in the Alps

Summit a 4000 meters in the heart of Europe!


Mountaineering at High Altitude

Climbing a 4000 meters is not only for Professional Alpinists

If you want to experience mountaineering this is the right part of the Trekking Alps website. Together with the tour operator Verticalife we will organize the right mountain climbing adventure for you with a professional Mountain Guide leading you to the highest peaks of the Alps. 

Climbing a 4000 meters Summit is an exceptional experience that is not so impossible as you might imagine. It can be the first time for you in a glacier and still reach a peak of Gran Paradiso or of Monte Rosa. Mont Blanc is a mit harder while Monviso is more a vertical and rock experience. Check more details here below: your climbing adventure in the Alps starts here!

Climbing in the Alps is...


The Highlight of your trip in Europe!

Safety First

The Mountain Guide will lead you safely with its limitless experience


You will be in places too beautiful to imagine

Mont Blanc Summit

Summit a 4000m: the perfect end of your hike!

Mountaineering in the Alps is not for all, but if you want to climb a Trekking Peak, that do not require any technical experience it is possible. 

You just need to be in good shape and being prepared for being exhausted. You will receive back an amazing experience! Climbing a 4000 meters peak is unforgettable and is also possible to do Hiking with at the end Summit a Peak!


Technical Summit? Just ask!

If you are an expert Mountaineer and you want to summit some difficult Peaks or doing winter climb just ask us. 

Our Mountain Guides have experience in all kind of environments and they will target the right peak or climb for the season and the level you will choose.

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Our Mountaineering and Climbing Adventures

Technical difficulty: No Vertigo needed
Phisical Challenge: Very Challening
Duration: 5 DAYS
Price: 1300
The most memorable hike of Europe
The journey along the Selvaggio Blu wild hike is the ultimate trek for hikers, travelers, and outdoor lovers. It is a combination of great outdoor activities, requiring participants to utilize a variety of disciplines. You will be abseiling, scrambling, hiking, and climbing along the limestone cliffs and caves, no easy feat and one that is definitely fulfilling to complete successfully....
Technical difficulty: F+
Phisical Challenge: 6/10
Duration: 2 DAYS
Price: € 550
Area: Langhe Alps  
King of Rock
Monviso Peak is massive from Torino. Summit Monviso Peak is not very difficult and it it basically a scramble to the peak from the “Normal Route”. Though is very exposed and you need to be comfortable with that....
Technical difficulty: F
Phisical Challenge: 6/10
Duration: 2 DAYS
Price: € 800
Easy Trekking Peak
Climbing Monte Rosa Summit is probably something that most of people never dream about. Monte Rosa, Gnifetti peak in particulat, with its 4554 meters is the 6th highest Peak of the Alps. Monte Rosa is the Alps massif with most of the Highest Peaks of the Alps. ...
Technical difficulty: PD
Phisical Challenge: 9/10
Duration: 2 DAYS
Price: € 800
Area: Monte Bianco  
The highest place in Europe
Climb Mont Blanc Summit is like a dream. It is not easy and phisically demanding. But is possible even if you are not a technical climber. You still need experience and strength to reach to top of Europe!...
Technical difficulty: F+
Phisical Challenge: 7/10
Duration: 2 DAYS
Price: € 580
4000 m experience!
Climb Gran Paradiso Summit is one of the more memorable experience you can have. Gran Paradiso Peak is one of the more accessible 4000 meters and it is a good climb for those who want to approach mountaineering at high altitude. ...