Mediterranean Riviera Hiking Area

Mountains where the sea is for sure the main protagonist

Mediterranean Riviera

The Mediterranean Sea is for sure the main protagonist with his marvellous sunsets and sunrises

The Mediterranean Riviera is a fabulous place, famous all over the world for its beauty.

The Mediterranean Sea is for sure the main protagonist with his marvellous sunsets and sunrises. Trekking Alps proposes a different way to live the Italian Riviera and even the French Riviera: hiking! Hiking in the Italian Riviera is a marvelous experience. In the innver part of the coast, just few kilometers from the beaches of Mediterranean Sea there are lots of paths and trails between olive trees and rosemary.

There are different way to enjoy hiking and Trekking in the Italian Riviera. We can come back every day in a Sea Side village in Liguria or we can make a moving trail and sleep every day in a different village of the Riviera.

It is also possible to organize the hike in a more mountain environment. The Parco delle Alpi Marittime, is just 1 hours from the Sea and from the highest peaks it is possible to spot the Mediterranean Sea. But nonetheless it is a complete mountain experience with wildife and everything.

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Cinque Terre


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cinque terre


The Coast of Mediterranean Sea in the North of Italy and more specifipally in Liguria is pretty unique. The mountains rises out from the coast line just few kilometers from the Sea. It is a very nice area where to hike with a good amount of trails and beautiful scenery. As the sea is very busy in summer and pretty hot the ideal if not in the more high Alpi Marittime Park where the weather is more chilly. The area is instead perfect during the sinter and mid seasons such as springand autumn. The Sea brings wind and is perfect for hiking in this Mediternnanean Riviera Hiking Area. Also we go guide in the Cote d’Azur where, starting from an apartment near Nice, we can explore the different beauty of the magnificent French Riviera.



Wildlife is not a specialy here. Even in Val Grande, which is one of the wider wilderness area in Europe, the wildlife is not so easy to spot. Birdwatachers would be happy to discover eagles, different species of woodpeaker and many others. By the way if you do not dedicate your day in spotting birds you’ll just see a row deer in the woods at max. Some chamois are also present in the higher part of the Val Grande National Park. In the other valleys, from Val Sesia to the more remote northern valley of Domodossola, you can find the usual wildife that you find everywhere in the area beaten by Trekking Alps. Ibexes, Chamois, Deers and, if you are very lucky, wolves.



It is possible to find different kind of accommodation in the Ligurian Alps. In the Alpi Marittime Park, as in the rest of the areas there are unguarded huts and shelters or rifugio. Along the coast of the Italian Riviera and French Riviera, hiking will end up in bed and breakfast in the small villages in the “entroterra”, villages a little bit apart from the coast line, where still the life is a bit slow and different than in the touristic coast line. Hiking in the Italian Riviera is an excellent opportunity to know forgotten villages.

Our Hikes in Mediterranean Area

difficulty: MEDIUM
Duration: 4 DAYS
Price: € 449
Marguareis Natural Park Hiking Tour
The Marguareis Natural park is unique in this part of the Alps. Unlike in any other valley of the North West of the Alps, the rocks here are mainly limestone based. The Alps here looks like the moon!...
difficulty: EASY
Duration: 2 DAYS
Price: € 199
A Wonderful Night in the Maritime Alps Natural Park
Maritime Alps are a hidden treasure. For those who can't afford or do not have time for more than a night in this wonderful area where the Alps meets with the Mediterranean Sea, this option will give you the wonderful opportunity to discover this wonderful part of the Alps....
difficulty: EASY
Duration: 3 DAYS
Price: € 349
A Small Sea in the Alps
Lake Maggiore Hiking Tour is a beautiful hike in the wonderful and unique landscapes of the north of Piedmont. There are several options including night in bed and breakfast or the extension to more days. Lake Maggiore is a perfect choice for both Mountains ans Sea Riviera lovers...
difficulty: MEDIUM
Duration: 3 DAYS
Price: € 349
Off the Beaten Trek
Maritime Alps is an hidden gem. Wonderful mountains at lower altitude will allow you to visit the Alps also in mid season such as Spring and Autumn. Lots of wilde life!...
difficulty: MEDIUM
Duration: 2 DAYS
Price: € 169
Where the Sea meets the Alps
You can't choose between Sea and Mountains? Here is your option: real mountain hike in the wonderful Maritime Alps!...
Duration: FLEXIBLE
Price: No Standard Price for this Hike
Beautiful Cinque Terre Riviera
Cinque terre is an amazing natural place which is difficult to describe. Amazing seaside villages in the cost of Liguria, in the heart of Mediterranean Italian Riviera. Cinque Terre Guided Hike offer plenty of opportunities and what Trekking Alps propose is to arrange a Skype or telephone conversation in order to understand the expectations and the budget to plan togheter a tailor made Cinque Terre ...
Duration: FLEXIBLE
Price: No Standard Price for this Hike
Mediterranean Riviera Hikes
The Italian Riviera hiking Tour offer the amazing scenery of the seaside in Liguria, Italy. This hike, togheter with the French Riviera Hiking Tour is been created to allow you to enjoy mild weather in winter. It is completely flexible in dates and timing of the hike. When the Alps are covered by snow and if you do not want to try the experience of the snowshoes, this Italian Riviera Hiking Tour held in the cost of Liguria will make you enjoy the sun even in winter....