Mediterranean Riviera Hiking Area

Mountains where the sea is for sure the main protagonist

Mediterranean Riviera Hiking Area

The Mediterranean Sea is definitely the main protagonist with his marvellous sunsets and sunrises

The Mediterranean Riviera is a fabulous place, famous all over the world for its beauty.

The Mediterranean Sea is definitely the main protagonist with its marvellous sunsets and sunrises. Trekking Alps proposes a different way to live the Italian Riviera and even the French Riviera. live the Riviera Hiking! Hiking Riviera is a marvelous experience and is ideal all year round. In the inner part of the coast, just few kilometers from the beaches of Mediterranean Sea, there are lots of paths and trails between olive trees and rosemary. Depending on the season the Riviera Hiking can be organized in a different way: closer or further from the Mediterranean coast line.

There are different way to enjoy hiking and Trekking in the Italian Riviera. One option is to do day hikes and come back every day to the Seaside or to a more montaneaous village of Liguria. Another option is to follow a moving trail and sleep every day in a different village of the Riviera. Inside the Maritime Alps instead is more like anywhere else in the Alps, sleeping in Mountain Lodges(rifugio).

It is also possible to organize the hike in a more mountaneous environment. The Parco delle Alpi Marittime, is just 1 hour drive from the Sea and from the highest peaks it is possible to spot the Mediterranean Sea but nonetheless it is a complete mountain experience rich in wildife and everything. Even Day hike can be organized: Riviera Hiking is a great and different way to explore and enjoy the Italian natural beauties!

Features - Italian Riviera Hiking Region


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Geography of Italian Riviera

The Coast of Mediterranean Sea in the North of Italy and more specifically in Liguria is pretty unique. The mountains rises out from the coast line just few kilometers from the Sea. It is a very nice area where to hike with a good amount of trails and beautiful scenery. As the sea is very busy in summer and pretty hot, the ideal is to go hiking in the higher Maritime Alps(Parco Alpi Mairttime) where the weather is chillier. The area is instead perfect during the winter and mid seasons such as spring and autumn. The Sea brings mild wind and is perfect for hiking in this Mediterranean Riviera Hiking Area. Also we go guide in the Cote d’Azur where, starting from an apartment near Nice, we can explore the different beauties of the magnificent French Riviera.


Wildlife in Riviera Region

Even if Liguria is a very antropized environment it is possible to find a different wildlife encounter. Foxes, rabbits, boars. pheasants and roe deers are the wild habitants of the coast line of the Mediterranean and we can meet them during our Riviera Hiking tours. If you go deep into the Ligurian Alps and in the Maritime Alps, we can find the typical Alpine wildlife such as marmots, chamois and even Ibex. In terms of birds, these hiking Riviera tours will give you the opportunity to spot peregrine falcon, seagull and other sea animals that are not possible to see in any other area proposed by Trekking Alps.


Accommodation in the Italian Riviera

It is possible to find different kind of accommodation in the Ligurian Alps. In the Alpi Marittime Park, as in the rest of the areas there are unguarded huts and mountain lodges(rifugi in Italiano). Along the coast of the Italian Riviera and French Riviera, hiking will end up in bed and breakfast in the small villages in the “entroterra”. These villages a little bit apart from the coast line, where every day life is still a bit slow and different than in the touristic coast line. Italian Riviera Hiking is an excellent opportunity to know forgotten villages of these area and enjoy both the sea and the mountains.

Our Hikes in Mediterranean Area

Technical difficulty: No Vertigo needed
Phisical Challenge: Very Challening
Duration: 5 DAYS
Price: 1200
The most memorable hike of Europe
The journey along the Selvaggio Blu wild hike is the ultimate trek for hikers, travelers, and outdoor lovers. It is a combination of great outdoor activities, requiring participants to utilize a variety of disciplines. You will be abseiling, scrambling, hiking, and climbing along the limestone cliffs and caves, no easy feat and one that is definitely fulfilling to complete successfully....
Duration: 1 DAY
Price: € 80
Hike around the Serenissima
Venice is not known as an hiking destination. But that does not mean is not suitable for that! A day suspended between Venice, the land and the Adriatic sea, walking through Veneto's lagoon to discover the main island and the nearby villages in an unceasing variation of scenarios: that is a day hike in Venice. According to this perspective, the tour will take place from the crowded Venetian historical center to Lido, the best-known island of the International Film festival and charming Liberty buildings; from Pellestrina, a long strip of land dotted with colorful villages, naturalistic oases and exquisite fish cuisine, to Chioggia, the little Venice that seals the lagoon southwards....
Duration: 1 DAY
Price: € 80
Hike in Italian Riviera
A Day hike from Genova is really at hand and it shows very often a unique characteristic, the sea view! If you are in Genova and you want to have an outdoor experience, the mountains are really really close to you and this is the right place if you want to have a day Hike from Genova in the Mediterranean Mountains. ...
Duration: 1 DAY
Price: € 80
The Great Beauty of the Italian Coast
A day hike in Italian Riviera is something more than a simple excursion: it’s an explosion of perfumes of maritime pines and aromatic herbs, a deep blue experience walking the trails, constantly watching the sea. ...
difficulty: MEDIUM
Duration: 2 DAYS
Price: € 209
A Wonderful Night in the Ligurian Alps
Maritime Alps are a hidden treasure. For those who can't afford or do not have time for more than a night in this wonderful area where the Alps meets with the Mediterranean Sea, this option will give you the wonderful opportunity to discover this wonderful part of the Alps....
Duration: 1 DAY
Price: € 100
Day or Night Winter Hike!
If you are looking for an adventure in winter a snowshoes hike from Turin is the right one! If you are in Turin or in the north of Italy during winter you can have a different experience. ...
Duration: 1 DAY
Price: € 80
Hike in Italian Riviera
The Ligurian Alps are a very special place with unique features. A Day Hike in this area is just great. It will give you a chance to hike in amazing mountain sceneries while never losing sight of the blue Mediterranean Sea. ...
difficulty: MEDIUM
Duration: 4 DAYS
Price: € 649
Marguareis Natural Park Hiking Tour
The Marguareis Natural park is unique in this part of the Alps. Unlike in any other valley of the North West of the Alps, the rocks here are mainly limestone based. The Alps here looks like the moon!...
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