Hiking the Alps in January

Snowshoeing Italy in the Beautiful Mountains near Turin

Winter Hiking in the Alps: Hiking in January

If you want to experience the real cold, this is the right time to come!

Hiking in January is for hardcore guys.

You can find very nice routes but the temperature will be freezing(even -25° C) and you have to be ready for that. As long as you walk there is not much of a problem but if we’ll stay in huts the cold will come and you have to be prepared with the right mountain gear. 

As in the other winter months, we suggest hiking inn to inn sleeping in some nice Bed and breakfast or Inn and enjoy days hikes. Like this is also easier to plan routes, choosing day by day itinerary according to weather and snow conditions.

We will 99% of the time use snowshoes as the snow usually is everywhere in January in Turin and in the Alps. It is possible to spend a night in a Hut or Mountain Lodge but not more than one.

Main Features



  • Best Altitude: between 800 and 2000 meters
  • Average Temperature at 2000 meters at 12AM: -8°C
  • Special: Snow and cold!
  • Ideal Days of Trekking: 1 or 2 – Inn to Inn for more Days
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Hiking Tours in January

This is our Trekking Alps offer for the month of January

Consider that every season is different so you always need to contact us to see which hike are avaiable considering the mountain conditions.

We have Plans in January

You can choose among these planned hikes. Join and save!

During: 2 days Partecipants (until now): 2 YOU CAN JOIN THIS HIKE

A Night in the Alps near Turin

Living a night in the Alps near Turin it’s an amazing experience and if you are traveling in the north of Italy you should really try this experience even if you are not an expert of hiking and adventure. To reach the Jervis shelter it is not particularly challenging and fit for anyone. The trek to the shelter is 2 hours only and allow you to reach an enchanted place in the Conca del Prà, an amazing highland in the middle of the Alps, at the border with France: a paradise for trekkers and outdoor enthusiasts. This is one of...

Discount price: € 189.00 €180.00

Contact us for any Question about Hiking in January

Winter Hikings you can Choose from

Duration: FLEXIBLE
Price: No Standard Price for this Hike
Mountains Hikes in Comfort
Monte Bianco is the highest mountain in the Alps. It is among the most famous peaks of the world and its wall of rocks and ice up above Courmayeur is impressive. ...

 Inn to Inn Monte Bianco Discover - Planned Dates

  • 2020 - MAY 21 / MAY 25 (Days: 5 - Participants: 1)

    Join this hike: € 900.00(tbd)

Duration: 1 DAY
Price: € 80
Milan Amazing Day Hike
Even from Milan you can enjoy a wonderful Day hike in the Alps. You can visit different hiking areas depending whether you have a car or not....

 Day Trek from Milan - Planned Dates

  • 2019 - DEC 09 / DEC 09 (Days: 1 - Participants: 2)

    Join this hike: € 70.00(€ 80)

Duration: 1 DAY
Price: € 80
Day Hike from Turin
Day hike from Turin are wonderful. Join one of our hike or plan it whenever you want. Wonderful Alps experience even in half day....

 Day Trek in Piedmont - Planned Dates

  • 2019 - OCT 24 / OCT 24 (Days: 1 - Participants: 2)

    Join this hike: € 70.00(€ 80)

difficulty: EASY
Duration: 2 DAYS
Price: € 189
Area: Turin Alps  
All Year Round an Amazing Adventure fit for Everybody
A wonderful hike in Pellice Valleya, a nice valley near Turin. All year round we can enjoy the comfort of a guarded shelter in this magic place between Italian and French Alps....

 A Night in the Alps near Turin - Planned Dates

  • 2020 - JAN 15 / JAN 16 (Days: 2 - Participants: 2)

    Join this hike: € 180.00(€ 189.00)

difficulty: MEDIUM
Duration: 5 DAYS
Price: No Standard Price for this Hike
4000 meters Festival
The more famous peaks of the world: Matterhorn, Monte Bianco, Gran Paradiso and Monte Rosa will be your firends in these amazing tour of the Italian Alps. With flexible difficulty and sleeping in bed and breakfast it will be a memorable trek!...

 Alps Giants Hiking Tour - Planned Dates

  • 2019 - DEC 16 / DEC 19 (Days: 4 - Participants: 1)

    Join this hike: € 700.00(tbd)

Duration: HALF DAY
Price: € 50
Area: Turin Alps  
If you have little time but you love Nature!
Even if you have only half day in Turin, you can live the amazing landscapes of the Italian Alps. Few hours are enough to get great viewpoints of the Alps...
Duration: FLEXIBLE
Price: No Standard Price for this Hike
Area: Langhe Alps  
Mountains Hikes in Comfort
This Inn to Inn Maritime Alps discover is a great way to enjoy the mountains with comforts. The Maritime Alps are particularly indicated in the half season such as Spring/Early Summer and Late Summer/Autumn....
Duration: 2 DAYS
Price: € 179
Area: Turin Alps  
An Alps Escape from UK to Italy
You live in London and you would love to do an hiking weekend in the Alps? Trekking Alps organize all sort of tailor-made hike all year round. And our location of the hike is very easy to reach from London city. If you are in London and you love outdoor hiking you can be frustrated. But the mountains are closer than what you think from the UK....
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