Lanzo Valleys Wild Trail

Real Wilderness in a Forgotten Area

€ 479

€ 479
Per Person, Min. 2 People


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Lanzo Valleys Wild Trail

This Lanzo Valleys Wild Trail is very much advisable for people looking for a real adventure: hiking every day in
a different valley, sleeping in high altitude in a small unguarded hut, you will feel very close to Nature. This is an amazing wild trail in the Italian Alps and you can feel the Nature all year round here! During the day we keep our north direction crossing small villages where we can have our lunch and buy food for dinner. This trekking is meant for people willing to live a real natural experience far away from everyday life comforts: this is what the wild trail is all about. Only for one night, we will sleep in a shelter while for the rest of our hike we’ll have unguarded hut as accommodation. The trekking trail ends in one of the most remote villages of Italy: Forno Alpi Graie.

Wild Trail in the Italian Alps

The landscape is changing during the trek, starting with forests and lakes and ending in huge rocky mountains and extremely wild environment. The daily hike is not huge and the environment is excellent for sporty families. Sea Valley and the end of Grande Valley are almost unexplored: here nature still is dominant and the strong feelings are ensured. Animal sighting is probable especially chamois and ibexes.


  • Overnight Staying Details
    One nights in a shelter and three night in unguarded hut
    Highest Poing
    Ometto Pass 2618m
    Forests, Meadows, Lakes
    Special Features and Points of Interest
    Wilderness, Lakes, Animals
    Animals you may encounter
    Probable: Marmots, Chamoi,Ibexes Rare:Ermines, Deers
    Ideal for Adventurous Children

    • Backpack (30-50 liters) – Rent Possible
    • Hiking Boots – Rent Possible
    • Light Sleeping bag – Rent Possible
    • 1 t-shirt per day
    • 1 fleece
    • 1 jacket against cold
    • 1 jacket against rain
    • 2 extra socks
    • 1 comfortable trouser
    • 1 shorts
    • 1 water bottle
    • Hat and gloves
    • Suncream
    • Sun glasses
    • Spirit of Adventure!


    • Hiking Guide
    • Trasportation from Torino till the Mountain area and back (free service)
    • Overnight staying (directly to the shelter)
    • One meal per day (directly to the shelter)
    • Suggestions for the organization of your trip (free service)


    • Other Meals
    • Air ticket till Torino


    In all Trekking Alps hikes there is a high degree of flexibility. Difficulty and duration of the hike can be changed and accomodation in bed and breakfast or hotel can be arranged. Just write an email at or write us a WhatsApp at +393386608548
  • overview map

    To watch the animated 3d map Click Here



This Trekking Day by Day

  • Usseglio(1251m) – Gandolfo (2301m)
    4-5 hours – 5Km
    Elevation up:1200m Elevation down:300m
    trekking day
  • Gandolfo (2301m) – Molino (2220m)
    6 hours – 9Km
    Elevation up:1000m Elevation down:1000m
    trekking day
  • Molino (2220m) – Soardi (2297m)
    4-5 hours – 6Km
    Elevation up:800m Elevation down: 900m
    trekking day
  • Soardi (2297m) – Rif. Daviso(2280m)
    7-8 hours – 11Km
    Elevation up: 800m Elevation down:1100m
    trekking day
  • Rif. Daviso(2280m) – Forno Alpi Graie(1219m)
    3 hours – 6Km
    Elevation up: 100m Elevation down: 1100m
    trekking day

Reviews for this Hike

    Great Family Hiking Trip!
    We had a fantastic experience with Roberto and our hike in the Italian Alps--it was the highlight of our Italian holiday! Roberto was an absolute pleasure, and he was incredibly knowledgable, fun and patient from the moment we started planning the trip until the very last moment. We highly recommend Roberto and Trekking Alps to anyone looking for an incredible adventure.

    (From: USA)
    Amazing Trip, Fantastic Guide
    We had a fantastic experience with Roberto and our hike in the Italian Alps--it was the highlight of our Italian holiday! Roberto was an absolute pleasure, and he was incredibly knowledgable, fun and patient from the moment we started planning the trip until the very last moment. We highly recommend Roberto and Trekking Alps to anyone looking for an incredible adventure.

    (From: USA)
    Beautiful views, Off-trail adventuring, and Irreplaceable Memories
    We did the 3-day, 2-night hike with Enrico (Day 1 and 2), and Giulia (Day 3). We stayed in a mountain hut the first night and more of a bnb the second night. Enrico was very knowledgeable about the region, the wildlife, the trails, and the weather patterns. That alone made the trek very interesting. Every time we took a break, he pointed out the nearby wildlife and explained the livelihood of people living in/near the Alps. If I recall, the level of our hike was "moderate" and I would say it is good for people with some hiking experience and are okay with some strenuous incline. I will note that we DID go off-trail for a bit (on-purpose) which made for a more adventurous (and strenuous) hike, and it was super enjoyable! The guides will cater the trek around your comfort level and will only push if you're up for the challenge. The mountain hut was cozy and it was nice to not have to set up your own shelter. I think we would have appreciated it even more if we were hiking in the winter and were getting out of the cold. The bnb was wonderful and the food was amazing. I would definitely recommend a taste of both mountain huts and bnbs if you can swing it. I'd recommend any sort of multi-day trek for anyone remotely interested in trekking the Alps in some way. There's a trek for all ages and fitness levels.

    (From: USA)
    Amazing Mountain Trekking
    I was joining the Lanzo valley hiking trip with Trekking Alps. It was one of the best mountains and peaks I’ve seen so far. The scenary is amazing and during our trek we saw also serveral animals including ibex 😀 Roberto was a super cool guide! He took really good care of us and eventhough I went there alone and join the trek with others, we were having so much fun. I really recommend it to anyone who want to expereince Italian Alps.
    Nics – Thailand

    (From: )
    Amazing and challenging first hike
    I travelled with Trekking Alps in July 2016 with a team of 35 people from work for charity. Roberto was the perfect guide. I had never trekked before and he was brilliant, very encouraging and extremely patient. Even though I was quite slow him and his team were very patient with me and kept me going. It was tough but because of their encouragement its given me a new found love for trekking and look forward to doing it again.

    (From: Mauritius)
    Outstanding hike, very well organized
    Trekking Alps helped us organise and lead a work sponsored hike for a large 30+ group of varying abilities from beginner to advanced and was fantastic. Roberto's knowledge of the area and ideas for setting the hike at the right challenge was perfect, and he had a really great attitude to guiding us, with infinite patience for those who wanted to take their time, as well as those wanting more of a challenge. No small task! Even in stormy weather we all had a brilliant experience walking in the Italian Alps and the trip will be great memory for us to have and talk about for a long time. Thank you!

    (From: United Kingdom)
    July 2016 fantastic hike
    We went to the Lanzo Valley in July 2016 for a charity hike with our team at work. Roberto was an excellent guide - patient, good fun and really helped us to ensure everything was well organised, challenging but achievable for all. We loved staying in a hut (a "sleepover" with 33 colleagues isn't something to forget soon!) and the scenery and overall experience were fantastic. Thanks too to our second and third guides Atillio and Ambre who were very nice and ensured that the whole group could make the trip while also allowing some to push themselves further. Thanks again; we're already planning next year's trip!

    (From: UK)
    An Amazing Experience
    I am not an expert trekker and had difficulties on the way up. However, Roberto allowed me to take my time and gave me great advice. He is truly a fantastic guide! In addition, the trek he took me and my friends on was absolutely amazing. As we were going up, it was very foggy and misty and it was hard to tell what was surrounding us. As we reached our cabin it was still foggy. The weather report said that it should be sunny the following day. And the weather did not disappoint...when I awoke and looked out the cabin window I couldn't believe my eyes. We were above the cloud line and could only see the peaks of the surrounding mountains. Trekking with Roberto was an amazing experience that I won't ever forget. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy the remarkable nature of the Alps.

    (From: Hawaii)
    One of The Greatest Guide and Tour i Have Ever Had!
    In One Word : Amazing ! I travel a lot and Trekking many times in Africa, Middle East and Europe. This 2 days was absolutly great. i meet Roberto in the Train Station, he came to pick me out ane from the first moment, throw is Home made coffe in his house, was absolutly great. after an hour we meet the other people of the group and Robert connect from the the first moment between all of us. Another thing is the Generous of him - he give us everything we need : from trekking equipment untill food ! Actually my only mistake was to do it only 2 days and not more than that ! it's so worth it ! I offer u to do it only with Roberto ! He know Everything about Everything ! from my opinion i know that i will do it AGAIN !

    (From: Israel)


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