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difficulty: MEDIUM
Duration: 2 DAYS
Price: € 179
Back to the Roots
Try the luxury of Disconnection! From Mobile and even from making pictures. Discover how beautiful it can be to be free from any Social Media Pressure and Live the moment!...

 Mobile Free Hiking Holiday - Planned Dates

  • 2020 - JUL 15 / JUL 16 (Days: 2 - Participants: 1)

    Join this hike: € 170.00(€ 179.00)

Duration: 1 DAY
Price: € 90
Amazing beauty of Aosta Valley
Day hike in Aosta Valley are countless and possible all year round. We can decide togheter the mood of your day hike: difficulty, number of hours and specific requests....

 Day Trek in Aosta Valley - Planned Dates

  • 2020 - AUG 26 / AUG 26 (Days: 1 - Participants: 1)

    Join this hike: € 80.00(€ 90)

difficulty: MEDIUM
Duration: 6 DAYS
Price: € 999
Gran Paradiso Aosta Valley
The Big Tour of Gran Paradiso is the best way to explore the Aosta Valley side of Gran Paradiso. It is a 6 days Trekking Ring covering all the Valleys of the Park of the Aosta Valley Park except of the Cogne Valley. ...

 Big Hiking Tour of Gran Paradiso - Planned Dates

  • 2020 - JUL 13 / JUL 16 (Days: 4 - Participants: 2)

    Join this hike: € 600.00(€ 999.00)

Duration: FLEXIBLE
Price: No Standard Price for this Hike
Area: Langhe Alps  
Mountains Hikes in Comfort
This Inn to Inn Maritime Alps discover is a great way to enjoy the mountains with comforts. The Maritime Alps are particularly indicated in the half season such as Spring/Early Summer and Late Summer/Autumn....
Duration: 2 DAYS
Price: € 179
Area: Turin Alps  
An Alps Escape from UK to Italy
You live in London and you would love to do an hiking weekend in the Alps? Trekking Alps organize all sort of tailor-made hike all year round. And our location of the hike is very easy to reach from London city. If you are in London and you love outdoor hiking you can be frustrated. But the mountains are closer than what you think from the UK....
difficulty: EASY
Duration: 2 DAYS
Price: € 179
Area: Turin Alps  
Deep trip in the Nature
Forest Bathing means living 2 days(or more) into the Wild. Enjoy your time second by second, disconnecting from your Social-Friends and living your present 100%....
difficulty: VERY HARD
Duration: 4 DAYS
Price: € 599
The Best of the Alps
Known akso as Alta via Number 2, The Gran Paradiso Mont Blanc Trail is an incredible Trekking hut to hut! This trail is not fit for beginners as has pretty hard stages and to hike for 4 days...
difficulty: HARD
Duration: 3 DAYS
Price: € 449
Gran Paradiso in Lodges
The Tour of Gran Paradiso is fit for those who want to sleep in shelters(rifugio). If you want to experience the wonderful Gran Paradiso National Park in lodges and you do not have more than 3 days this is your best option. ...
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