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Trekking Alps: Mountain Hiking Tours in Italy with Local Guide

Tailor made trekking in Italy all year round at affordable price: adventure, wildlife, excellent food and history in the Italian Alps!
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Join one of the planned hikes and save money sharing the costs of the trek with other people in our Alps trekking tour. Check the next mountain hiking tour in the Trekking Alps Calendar and plan your trekking in Italy with us. In joining an hike you will be part of a lovely international environment.
We have guided people from all over the world and most of the time we had an amazing friendly environment as we all share the passion for Nature and for the Mountains. Live an amazing adventure with Trekking Alps: contact us and we'll be happy to help you to plan your Alps hiking tour in Italy!

Amenity Trek in the Italian Alps

  • 2016-Oct-27 TO: 2016-Oct-28
    (2 days) Participants: 2
    170€/day€ 130.00   More Info!

Gran Paradiso National Park Winter Hike

  • 2016-Nov-12 TO: 2016-Nov-13
    (2 days) Participants: 2
    € 169.00€ 150.00   More Info!

Robinet Peak Hiking Tour

  • 2016-Nov-19 TO: 2016-Nov-20
    (2 days) Participants: 4
    € 149.00€ 120.00   More Info!

Matterhorn Short Hike

  • 2016-Nov-20 TO: 2016-Nov-21
    (2 days) Participants: 1
    € 169.00€ 160.00   More Info!

Gran Paradiso National Park Hiking

  • 2017-Jun-09 TO: 2017-Jun-12
    (4 days) Participants: 1
    € 359.00€ 350.00   More Info!
  • 2017-Jul-01 TO: 2017-Jul-04
    (4 days) Participants: 1
    € 359.00€ 350.00   More Info!

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Trekking Tours in the Italian Alps

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Trekking Alps offers authentic Alps hiking tours in the lovely environment of the Italian Alps. Any of the trekking are customizable and can be planned at any time of the year. The headquarter of our mountain trekking tours is Turin, north west of Italy. From Turin (Torino in Italian), we will reach one of the hundreds of mountain valleys offering a wide choice of Alps trekking. Trekking Alps offers a wide options of guided Alps hiking tours in all these valleys at the border with France and Switzerland: Monviso, Mont Blanc, Gran Paradiso and much more. You can choose strenous and wild trekking tours in the highest peaks as well as easy hiking with comfortable accomodation. Our mission is to let the World discover the amazing beauty of the west Alps. In joining one of our mountain trekking tours you will find a familiar but professional environment. Our Alps hiking tours are very different one to each other. Our trekking tours are fit for all tastes: you can live more the adventure or enjoy a mild and comfortable experience. Contact us and we will plan the perfect mountain experience for you!

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Trekking Alps organizes all sort of mountain hiking tours all year round: half day and one day hike from Turin, weekend hikes, long trekking, easy comfortable tours and snowshoeing in winter. Let’s browse the website and find the perfect trek for you. Join one of our planned hike and save or plan your mountain trekking in Italy according to your special interests whenever you want: animal sighting, trekking in the forest, high mountain environment or trekking peak. Trekking Alps organizes hiking for solo hikers as well as for families and big group. It is possibile organize tailored made alps trekking all year round. We are proud to adapt our offers depending on the specific needs of our clients. Trekking Alps offers customized guided Alps hiking tours in Italy specially organized for our guests at affordable prices. Check the reviews of the people already choosed to Trek with Trekking Alps: our passion for the mountains is complete and the Italian Alps are one of the best place of the world to enjoy a trek!

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Trekking Alps mountain hiking adventures start from Turin (Torino in Italian Language), in the north west of Italy.
Coming to Turin by flight is easy as there is an international airport in Torino Caselle(TRN).
Other convenient airports is Milan Malpensa(MXP) which is at 2 hours by bus from Turin city center.
The low cost airport of Milano Bergamo(BGY) is also quite near and have a direct bus connection to Turin.

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Guided Hikes in the West Italian Alps