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No Standard Price for this Hike

No Standard Price for this Hike
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Inn to Inn Gran Paradiso Discover

Inn to Inn in Gran Paradiso is a wonderful choice. Gran Paradiso National Park includes four big valleys and it
has a gorgeous mountain environment! On this website, we also include in this area the Mont Avic Natural Park and a few other small valleys. It is a universe by itself and you could spend 20 years of your life exploring only this area hiking for this Inn to Inn Gran Paradiso. This is just to let you understand how big is the area and how many options there are. According to the season and to the specific request we'll organize for you the best hiking itinerary sleeping always in some nice hotel/Inn or bed and breakfast in some mountain villages. Inn to Inn Gran Paradiso is fit for all sort of hikers as we will tailor made the Inn to Inn for you.

Inn to Inn Gran Paradiso: a unique beauty in the Italian Alps

Cogne is maybe the more fancy place but still keep strongly the traditions. You really can feel the culture of the mountains flowing in the air in this amazing valley, the heart of Gran Paradiso National Park. Orco Valley instead is much wilder. In summer though it is a fantastic opportunity and offer many hikes with a more intimate experience with the mountains. Valsavarenche and Rhemes Valleys are also very nice and full of wildlife. And Mont Avic is incredibly beautiful even though not yet well known as a mass tourist destination. So the best choice is to write as an email with all your needs and requirements for your Inn to Inn Gran Paradiso Discover and we'll propose you the best itinerary possible. Depending on hiking experience, level of comfort required and specific request we'll plan the Inn to Inn according to your need. Inn to Inn Gran Paradiso: a big paradise waiting for you in the Italian Alps!


  • Overnight Staying Details
    B&B, Inns, Hotels or Agriturismo
    Highest Poing
    Mountains Enviroment and Alps villages
    Special Features and Points of Interest
    Good food, Great Piedmont Wines, Excellent Mountains
    Animals you may encounter
    Chamois, Ibex, Foxes, Marmots depends on season
    Ideal for Families

    • Backpack (20-30 liters) – Rent Possible
    • Hiking Boots – Rent Possible
    • 1 t-shirt per day
    • 1 fleece
    • 1 jacket against rain
    • 2 extra socks
    • 1 comfortable trouser
    • 1 shorts
    • 1 water bottle
    • Hat and gloves
    • Suncream
    • Sun glasses
    • Spirit of Adventure!


    • Hiking Guide
    • Trasportation from Torino till the SeaSide area and back (free service)


    • Meals
    • Overnight staying
    • Suggestions for the organization of your trip (free service)
    • Air ticket till Torino


    In all Trekking Alps hikes there is a high degree of flexibility. Difficulty and duration of the hike can be changed and accomodation in bed and breakfast or hotel can be arranged. Just write an email at or write us a WhatsApp at +393386608548

Reviews for this Hike

    Great hiking trip
    We had a great trip with 2 great hikes. Roberto is very knowledgeable, adapts the routes and destinations according to weather and level of expertise and is also a very nice companion to talk with. Highly recommend Trekking Alps to anyone that wants a nice experience inte beautiful Italian Alps

    (From: Sweden)
    Came from Alaska, and we were Impressed!
    We came to Italy to hike with both Enrico and Roberto. The trip surpassed our expectations. We did 5 days of hiking, 2 with Roberto and 3 with Enrico. Scenery was amazing, food, beer and wine were fantastic. Acommodations were unique, fun and diverse. We had a blast. Both of these guys are fun to be around, good conversationalists, and finding a way to make a living doing what they love. They made all the arrangements, tailored the trip to the conditions, picked routes we Alaskan's would love. I realize we were early in the season (April) but I was amazed they found places where we saw very few (zero on some days) other people while hiking. They offer great value for what they charge. I highly recommend Trekking Alps!

    (From: Alaska, USA)
    Great hike with incredible guide!
    The hike was that much better than expected. We had freedom is choosing where and when to hike, allowing us to scale difficulty as we pleased. No matter how hard we made it for ourselves, the guide was levels above our league, making the experience seamless and pleasant! Definitely recommended to anyone who wishes to explore the Italian Alps on their own terms!

    (From: Netherlands)
    Snowshoeing in the Italian Alps
    Snowshoeing in the Italian Alps requires a guide with a thorough knowledge of the terrain and snow conditions, and for my trip Roberto was an excellent guide. I stayed at the lodge and we made day hikes from the lodge typically a morning ascent followed by an afternoon descent. On my final day Julia took me up the road from the lodge where we saw many chamois. I whole-heartedly recommend these guys

    (From: USA)
    Only four days in the Aosta valley
    We had a personalized hiking trip planned by Roberto around the Aosta valley. It was perfect for us since we only had four days but wanted to see all of it. He managed to fit a trial first day up&down challenge, where we tested our legs, a stuffing polenta dinner in an authentic reastaurant, a beautiful B&B room in a mountain village to rest and take a shower, a two-day hike to a rifugio and back through a hale storm and a lake swim, a meeting with cows up in highlands and a scenic drive on a steep mountain road. We'll never forget snacking on a fulfilling focaccia while drinking a refreshing can of beer by the river between the hikes, playing cards before bed in rifugio, eating pasta before eating the main course and stopping by the store for some food and wine souvenirs on our last day. Seriously though, Roberto is the guy who will plan your trip around your wishes, pick you up in the city, show you around, share fun tips on the italian language and culture and drive you back with a baggage full of cool memories and a camera full of great pictures.

    (From: Russia)


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