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Monte Rosa and Matterhorn Hiking Area - Italian Alps

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Monte Rosa massif has the second highest peak of the whole Alps in Dufur Peak at 4634 meters and has one of the most extense glaciers of the Alps. The landscape in the Monte Rosa and Matterhorn Hiking Mountain Area are gorgeous and pretty unique. Matterhorn is maybe the most famous mountain of the world and the nearby Monte Rosa glaciers make the landscape just stunning.

The area is well known and consequently it is not the paradise for wildlife and people willing to enjoy the mountain by theirselves. At least compared with other areas of Piedmont like Turin Alps, or South Piedmont Alps. Comparing with the more famous Swiss Alps or French Alps is still quite low key. If you want  real nature avoid the famous places: Swiss and France Alps are well marketed and this is a problem if you want to reach wilderness! On the other hand the services are very advanced and it is possible to arrange inn-to-inn hikes with nice accomodation in the villages in the middle of the mountains at more than 1800 meters of altitude.

Even in winter this area is a nice choice as there are many snowshoes tracks and shelter opened all year long. In August using the unguarded hut is not advisable as they will be possibly full. in case you want to visit this area in summer we will also bring Ferrino Tents with us. This is also a nice place to do Self guided hikes in July/August as the trails are well marked.

Nevertheless they worth the visit and if you have the chance to come hiking in a Spring or Autumn you’ll enjoy the places with less people and more wildife. As 4K Summit you can reach several 4000 meters peak with our partner of Climbing-Alps and we can organize the preparation and the summit of Capanna Margerita the highest Shelter of Europe.

Features - Monte Rosa Alps Region


Near Place to visit and Special Features

chamois village

Chamois Village

skyway matterhorn

Cableways in Monte Rosa and Matterhorn area


Aosta – Roman Town

Trekking Alps Matterhorn

Geography of Monte Rosa Alps

The Monte Rosa and Matterhorn Area is one of the more rich in terms of ice formations all over the Alps and not only in the Italian Alps. The Monte Rosa and Matterhorn mountain hiking area is located at the border of Italy and Switzerland and it has most famous peaks of the Alps. The paths are pretty well marked and even in winter there are few options here. The Areas is north-west from Torino and the trip to this mountain area is from 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours. The main valleys are the Gressoney Valley, Ayas Valley and Valtournanche and in the Hikes described in this Trekking Alps website you’ll find also trekking some other smaller valleys, less known and maybe even more enjoyable for trekking and mountain Hiking.

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Wildlife in Matterhorn and Monte Rosa

Matterhorn and Monte Rosa Hiking Area are not the ideal place for Wildlife as Cervinia and not only has been iper antropized in the last 20 years. Wildlife consequently is been moving away from this area as a lot of people are spending their mountain holidays here. Near There is less space in the mountains for the animals than in other places and hiking areas of the Alps. The general rule in the Alps is that the more the mountain area is famous the less is good for spotting animals. In the Italian Alps there are not so much forests and big land like in other part of the world like Canada or Himalaya. Nevertheless all the typical Alpine animals can be spotted but not so easily: Ibex, the Chamois, the Marmot, the Fox and the Eagle. The area is full of cable cars used also in summer for tourists and downhill bikers during the summer.


Accommodation in Monte Rosa Alps

This region of Monte Rosa and Matterhorn has really a lot of choices and this is the best area if you want to organize an Inn-to-Inn trek. There are a lots of mountain villages in Valtournanche and Val d’Ayas near Monte Rosa at high altitude and to sleep in an hotel or bed and breakfast up there is a very nice experience with all the comfort of the hotel. You can have a few days hike in hotel, with your private bathroom and shower every day and you can choose the unguarded huts. this option will lead us a bit outside the main valley that are overcrowded in summer. Shelter in Matterhorn region are a bit more expensive but there is a big choice and we’ll bring you where the service is good and the food.

Our Hikes in Monte Rosa and Matterhorn Area

difficulty: MEDIUM
Duration: 3 DAYS
Price: € 499
Wild Northern Piedmont Hike
This off the beaten track hike is located in northern Piedmont, part of Monte Rosa area but also not far from Lake Maggiore. In particular, the hike is located in the Sermenza Valley a wild side valley of the Sesia Valley, which ends in the beautiful Alagna, just below the Monte Rosa massif....
Technical difficulty: F
Phisical Challenge: 6/10
Duration: 2 DAYS
Price: € 800
Easy Trekking Peak
Climbing Monte Rosa Summit is probably something that most of people never dream about. Monte Rosa, Gnifetti peak in particulat, with its 4554 meters is the 6th highest Peak of the Alps. Monte Rosa is the Alps massif with most of the Highest Peaks of the Alps. ...
Duration: 3 TO 12 DAYS
Aosta Velly Self Guide
This Self Guided Tour in Aosta Valley is the more flexible and the more comfortable that Trekking Alps proposes. Aosta Valley's trek is organized with 2 or 3 different headquarter from where you'll have day hikes. Usually every 3 days we suggest you to move to another valley. Aosta Valley Self Guided Tour will bring you to discover the different small Valleys of this beautiful region of Italy....
Duration: 4 TO 8 DAYS
TMR - Tour of Monte Rosa
The Self Guided Tour of Monte Rosa and Matterhorn we propose is a fixed 6 days/5 nights hike. It is a trail starting from Gressoney Valley ending up in Valtournenche, near the Matterhorn Peak....
Duration: FLEXIBLE
Price: No Standard Price for this Hike
Adventures and Exclusive SPA
The Matterhorn Exclusive Trek will have a very luxurious headquarter in the an amazing 4 stars hotel located in Chamois. Chamois is a unique village. It is the only one of the entire west alps that is reachable only by Cable Car. The cable car runs every 30 minutes and allows you to arrive in the enchanted village of Chamois. Using as an headquarter the beautiful Maison Cly hotel, we will hike for as many days as you want. ...
difficulty: MEDIUM
Duration: 4 DAYS
Price: € 750
Matterhorn and Monte Rosa in Comfort
This Inn to Inn Matterhorn is a great itinerant Hiking ring. We could also call it Tour of Matterhorn and you'll have the opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful mountain of the World, in a challenging hike but sleeping with all comforts....
Duration: 1 DAY
Price: € 90
Milan Amazing Day Hike
Even from Milan you can enjoy a wonderful Day hike in the Alps. You can visit different hiking areas depending whether you have a car or not....
Duration: 1 DAY
Price: € 100
Amazing beauty of Aosta Valley
Day hike in Aosta Valley are countless and possible all year round. We can decide togheter the mood of your day hike: difficulty, number of hours and specific requests....
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