Challenging Trek in Mont Blanc

When Wael asked me for a challenging trek in Mont Blanc was not expert. He and his friend Shedi and Amir want to have a nice adventure and experience and from their young age their fear was that the trip was not adventurous enough. I think from the first day they got the message that the mountain is adventurous and to trek in the Alps is hard work. We had the luck to be joined by the very nice company of Dr. Ramar:) He joined aleasy last year a trek in Orsiera National Park but this time the landscape was clear from clouds and the trek itself was just one of the most spectacular of the World. We had amazing views over Mont Blanc and the weather was perfect for all the days. The trekking was challenging for sure and it was not a very hard but I am sure good experience for all the partecipants of the group, me included. The Ring it is exaclty descibed here and it is one of my favourite route in the whole Alps. The company was great, they have a lot of fun and for me it was easy to guide them even though sometimes I need to motivate them to go ahead… In this challenging trek in Mont Blanc you can’t rest too much and you really need to rise the bar and keep walking for few hours without stopping.

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I really hope they enjoy the trek and hopefully I will be able to visit them in Nazareth and in India. Have a safe life trip mates!

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