Trekking in October

Trekking in the Alps in the autumn can be very enjoyable. Despite the not optimal weather hiking the Alps from Turin was once again the bearer of joy and enthusiasm. Thanks especially to Mr. Hu Jian, magnificent original man from the countryside near Beijing gliding in the Alps for an adventure outside the ordinary. Le gloomy days did not spoil our always cheerful and positive moral and we had a very interesting cultural exchange.

Maybe the highlight of the trekking in october was on the first day when we were so lucky to sighting a dozen of deer at the Bergerie dell’Orsiera where we spend the first night. After leaving the camp in the early morning we’ll comes out from the clouds in which we were immersed to achieve a majestic landscape on the highest peak in the area: Mount Orsiera to 2890 meters. The area was chosen for its cozy huts that, as expected, have been an island of peace with burning wood warming our hearts and souls. Another super moment was the hot chocolate with whipped cream at the shelter Selleries: superb.

Tired but already experienced and confident adventurers, we wandered in the Orsiera Rocciavrè Park climbing on Robinet Peak. The clouds reveal a herd of chamois and without too much difficulty we reached the refuge Madonna degli Angeli. The last day  gifted us a stunning sunrise over the beautiful autumn colors. We had the luck to experience another adventure that gave us a wonderful sense of accomplishment and pure joy in this trekking in october from Turin, Italy.

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