Hiking in Autumn in Italy

Hiking in autumn in Italy is an amazing experience. It is amazing that most of the people do not know that this is maybe the best season when going outdoor for hiking! In Italy the hikes are pretty amazing and still in october-november the temperature could be quite mild. If the snow do not fall to much and the termperature keeps not freezing you have the chance to experience amazing fellings like the one of the last week.

We decided to go for Valpelline, a lateral valley of Aosta Valley. It was just amazing…. the trees, the lake, the sunset and the hut. Everything was just spectacular. The mountain view from the peak was amazing as well as the walk in the forest and the sunset color arriving to the hut.

The larch is one of the most popular tree of the Alps and in contrast of pine which keep its green leafs during all the winter, the larch lose its leafs. That is why has a latin name Larix Decidua. That tree in this season makes the enviroment just subreal, amazing. Everything is so yellowish! Many yellows half green some kind of red. An amzing kaleidoskope of colours comletely not possible in the other seasons of Nature. That is why I said starting the article that probably the best season while to go to the Alps is autumn, This is probably not true due to cold but if you quite lucky like we were last week to find such mild temperature, than you are in Paradise. Yellow forests, fresh snow and amazing colours. You can’t find anything better to do. Come hike in the Alps with us!

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