Wondering in the Alps

This article and pictures show you about 5 days hiking and trekking in the middle of September. The setting of this 5 days of hiking was Aosta Valley and different persons took part to different part of the trek. We did slept both in unguarded huts and bed and breakfast. Any hike was different; we had so much beauty, little bit of thrilling in arriving in the night in the Borghi hut in Gran Paradiso National Park and enjoying the beautiful scultures in Aosta valley on the last day hike. The Monte Bianco also is a big protagonist of the pictures you’ll see below. Sleeping at Testa di Liconi is one of the most spectacular place of the Alps, and maybe of the whole world. While we were there some of the group went to the famous Skyway, a magnificent cable car going up the big glaciers of Monte Bianco. The hikes were so different and the company was excellent. Different speed, different ages, different cultural background but same will fo being happy and respect for each other. Each of the person we hike with in these days had a very nice passion for the mountains and for the Nature in general. It was a very nice experience to spend these 5 days into the wild with you guys! I loved the mood we had in these days and the speeches and the philosphy that we speak about. It was an intense and nice trekking in Aosta valley in different places of the most beautiful mountain region on the Alps, between glaciers, ridges, morenes and even a bit of culture.

We did slept in very wild unguarded hut and we did experienced the end of the summer with pretty freezing temperatures and chilly wind. But the most nice feeling I had of this three days still is the meeting of different people of diffenrent continent, different ages and same passion for life. It was a pleasure to guide you all! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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