November Trek with Swim in the Lake

It was a funny and a bit crazy this November trek with Attilio and Ambra on the Halloween week end this year. As usual, the mountains welcomed us in an amazing way and we really could enjoy spectacular views of Viu Valley and all the Graian Alps. The target was Ciarm del Prete, at 2400 meters and we did reach that and did much more in our daily hike.

When we arrived to Lago di Viana, I just thought that we would never have an opportunity like that to have an iced dive into the lake. The termperature outside was fine and the lake was just frozen. For a November hike it is a bit extreme I have to admit.

After the dive we climbed the Ciarm del Prete and follow the ridge. We just did not think about timing and after an amazing sunset over the super peaks of Viu valley, we realized we needed to hurry up to come back, because the winter is coming and the darkness was about to come. We came really late but it was super funny. Riding down the valley in the bush and arriving to the car exausted, hurts and happy as only the wilderness and adventure can make you feel. At least this is my relation with Nature. I am deeply in love with Nature.

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