Sky running’s king in the western Alps

For those who had not yet heard of it, this post is dedicated to a man who is breaking all the records of the sky-running in the mountains: Kilian Jornet. Sky-running is a very hard sport that now is develping in all the alps. This year, two prestigious record has been set by the Spanish athlete: the Innominata ridge of Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn ascent. Two climbs that normally dealt with long expedition usually with mountain guides.
Kilian can run where even the most experienced climbers struggle. And we are talking about places where only those who devotes his life to the mountain are able to approach. It’s not an easy excursion (like the one we like with trekking alps) . The Matterhorn , which is a dream for any climber, it was an easy “run” for Kilian : 2 hours and 52 min to go back and forth. But images are better than any number, especially for those who are not experts of these peaks. The Matterhorn is located on the border of the Swiss Alps and Italian and is perhaps the symbolic mountain of the Alps.

Same thing for the Mont Blanc, highest mountain of Euorope. The Innominata ridge is a really tough alpinist hike. Scale D + (more than difficult) in the relations of specialized sites (we speak of mountain guides and mountain freaks) in two days of more than 8 hours. Well Kilian is capable of attacking this ridge in less than 9 hours. Totally crazy!
Completely senseless! We prefer alps trekking excursions contemplative in nature even if we have great respect for this guy who loves the mountain and is also nice!


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