Hiking in July

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Many asked me about the possibility of the Self Guided Hikes. The choice is up to you. In terms of costs, the difference is usually not much. There is a very detailed work on preparing a self guided hikes which are quite similar to come hiking with a guide. Moreover, the guide can always understand the situation and evaluate it in the process of the hike while in the self … Read more

Where to hike in Italy? Dolomites or West Alps

Italy is arguably one of the most beautiful destination for your holidays. Culture, good food, great cities, nice people and also incredible Nature. Mountains in particular are the sanctuary of Nature togheter with the coast of the south and some remote Islands. There are two main mountain chains, the Alps and the Apennines. The Alps are one of the most beautiful mountain range of the world. And even though the … Read more

Trekking with Children in Italy

There is an age when starting hike with your kids? Yes: zero! You can bring you child with you from when they are born. Probably better to not go above 2000 meters when they are just born but I know people going at 3000 meters with their kids. And nothing wrong happened. The most difficult age to go with kids is between 2 and 4 when their weight is a … Read more

Inn to Inn Trekking in Italy

Follow the Concannon. Mike’s right. The Inn to Inn trekking experience in the Alps was excellent also for the guide. I did organize a medium difficulty trek up and down the Valtournanche and Val d’Ayas. The area have been chosen due to the nice villages where we could find comfortable inn (or hotel) every night. Chamois was maybe the most interesting as in this small village at almost 2000 meters … Read more

Gran Paradiso Trekking Tour

This Gran Paradiso Trekking tour was fabulous: 4 days hiking in the first National Park of Italy. The weather was perfect, the place is magical as usual and this Gran Paradiso Trekking Tour could not have ended better with reaching the 3630 meters of Rossa Peak of Grivola in a wonderful chilly day. The Alps from up there are just fabulous: we could see Matterhorn, Monte Bianco and of course … Read more

Team Building Business Trip Trek

When I was contacted by Don for organizing a Business Trip trekking tour for around 30 lawyers from London I was expecting a very moderate and pretty serious group of men and women around 50 years old. This is how the lawyers looks like in Italy. I definitively was surprised when I saw a group of very young guys up in the bus when I welcomed them in Italy. The … Read more

Trekking with Children

It was one of the first experiences for me to do trekking with children. I must say I had a lot of fun but I also have to admit that Grant and Sam are not “normal children”. They were super motivated, very positive and excellent hikers! I bet most of the children can’t have all this positive features. And when i listen them speaking about the hike telling that “Yes, … Read more

Gran Paradiso July Hike - Snow in summer

It is pretty seldom but even in July in the mountains it can snow. In particular we did find in this 2 days hike of July in Gran Paradiso an amazing freezing 2 days. It was the only 2 days of such cold temperatures and it was a crucial that I brought some extra jackets for everyone. The hike at the unguarded hut in Gran Paradiso was pretty long and … Read more

Val Maira 2 Days Trek

Even two days can be a pretty glorious experience in the Italian Alps. In this Val Maira 2 days trek we did enjoy the solitude and the wildlife of this pretty unknown valley of south Piedmont. We were supposed to go towards Gran Paradiso but the weather in the north west Alps was pretty stormy and horrible so we head south to the fabulous Val Maira. The clouds here were … Read more

Wild Trek in Italy -  International Expedition

This wild trek in Italy was a spectacular example of the opportunity of the Italian Alps. Nics is a thai lady and is been spending 2 years in Europe for her studies. When I asked you what was her favourite part of Europe she looked around saying: “thi nii” which means in thai language “here”. I am very proud of letting the world discover the most remote valley of the … Read more

Tour of Bessanese: Wine expedition!

Tour of Bessanese is a magnificent hike in the north west corner of Italy. It’s a 4 days hike and there is a certain degree of flexibility that make possible to arrange an hike with different degree of difficulty. With Elizabeth and Steven, a very nice Canadian couple which is about to marry, we choose to go for the hard option with the climbing of Croce Rossa peak at 3566m. … Read more

Alps wilderness in Piedmont

This is a paradise of wilderness in Piedmont: the marvelous Green Lakes in Ala valley. The images you’ll find here are relative of two hikes I did in a different period of this summer: one in June and the other in July. The images of this post are relatives to these two nice experiences. The landscapes changed quite a lot even though the two hikes were done less than one … Read more

Emilius Peak Trekking

The first time I reached the 3630 meters of Rossa peak I was 7. My father tested my mountain attitude the year before and my enthusiasm brought him to bring me hiking there. After many years Rossa Peak is still one of the most beautiful hiking peaks I’ve ever reached. There are several way to reach the top of this peak which is in the real hearth of Gran Paradiso … Read more

Trekking Alps: hiking into the wild

Despite adverse physical conditions and a “humid” July ,the hiking into the wild  in the  Lanzo valleys with Titta and Sanna was fabulous. These two girls have travelled in our land in a very special way discovering many of our beautiful places in  Barolo hills before joining the proposal of Trekking Alps in the wild and unfrequented valleys of Lanzo. The trek was organized with overnight stays in unguarded huts … Read more