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This is a collection of the post related with the Gran Paradiso Area, in the Italian Alps. If you want a more detailed description of the area with the possible responsible trekking tours checks the Gran Paradiso Page.

Italian Alps - Monte Bianco Header

Hiking in Aosta Valley is a dream for all hikers. Not only there are big mountains covered with snow even in deep summer. Not only the biodiversity here is great and the hikes pretty wild and not so crowded. Not only it is home to Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, Gran Paradiso, and Matterhorn. Aosta Valley stands in Italy: which means great food, amazing wine, and a warm welcome. I personally … Read more

trekking alps hiking tours in Italy

Most people associate Alps to the Swiss Alps. Or maybe French. Or what about a Ski winter in Austria…. Italian Alps are less famous and ridiculously underrated. And even though I am completely biased by being born in Italy, and in clear conflict of interests, as I run a Trekking business in Italy, I will try to argue why you should choose the Italian Alps over any other country. I … Read more

SFG Hike 2018 - Corporate Trip Hiking in the Alps

For this 2018 SFG Corporate Trip hiking in the alps, we start organizing everything from november 2017. And from that moment it did not stop snowing up in the mountains. We also had a very wet spring, with lot of thunderstorm and an amazing quantity of water falling every day.  There have been a record of more than 8 meters of snow fallen at high altitude up in the Alps! … Read more

Mont Avic Natural Park Trekking Ring

Mont Avic is a hidden gem of the Alps. Even if we did this hike in August which is supposedly the very high season in this Mont Avic Hiking Trek, we meet very few hikers. The trek is a wonderful medium difficulty hike and has several options to make it more challenging or easier. The highlights of the area are probably the many glaciar lakes. The area is north exposed … Read more

Australian VIP in a rough wild Hike

When Judy (fantasy name) wrote me that she and her partner were about to come in Torino and they were looking for a 2 days snowshoeing in the Alps I though they were backpackers on their twenties. Usually people do not write me with 1-2 days in advance. Someone is booking serveral months before the hike is happening. I even had someonve asking for a preview of cost for summer … Read more

Aosta Valley Winter Hikes

In this post I described a very nice two days we’ve had in Aosta Valley this winter. There are many possible winter hikes in Aosta valley and we good really lucky with the weather. The snow have not been falling for few weeks so there was not too much powder and consequently it was not too hard to walk. We’ve been visiting Rehemes Valley and La Thuille, in two of … Read more

Winter Hikes in the Italian Alps

This is the first winter post of this year and here are described some winter hikes in the Italian Alps. As I am pretty busy in many hiking and other activities I shared with you two different hikes I did in the recent days. As you see from the pictures the post is about two different hike in very different conditions. Nevertheless the pics are only two days of difference … Read more


This article and pictures show you about 5 days hiking and trekking in the middle of September. The setting of this 5 days of hiking was Aosta Valley and different persons took part to different part of the trek. We did slept both in unguarded huts and bed and breakfast. Any hike was different; we had so much beauty, little bit of thrilling in arriving in the night in the … Read more

Monte Avic Trek - Mont Glacier

The hike we had in Mont Glacier was a very spectacular and pretty challenging trek. The Mont Avic Natural Park is one of the most beautiful part of Italy and the cozy hut of Borroz maybe the most comfortable and cozy hut in the whole Alps. We did enjoy different weather and we met still the cows up in the mountains with a pretty scary shepherd. The lake of Vavolidec … Read more

Gran Paradiso Trekking Tour

This Gran Paradiso Trekking tour was fabulous: 4 days hiking in the first National Park of Italy. The weather was perfect, the place is magical as usual and this Gran Paradiso Trekking Tour could not have ended better with reaching the 3630 meters of Rossa Peak of Grivola in a wonderful chilly day. The Alps from up there are just fabulous: we could see Matterhorn, Monte Bianco and of course … Read more

Gran Paradiso July Hike - Snow in summer

It is pretty seldom but even in July in the mountains it can snow. In particular we did find in this 2 days hike of July in Gran Paradiso an amazing freezing 2 days. It was the only 2 days of such cold temperatures and it was a crucial that I brought some extra jackets for everyone. The hike at the unguarded hut in Gran Paradiso was pretty long and … Read more

Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso Trek

The Hawaii reputation is pretty good. When Luca, an Italian doctor, wrote me about the hike in Monte Rosa area I was pretty sure it would have been funny. But I could not imagine how lucky I was to share few days with him, his friend and work mate Tarquin and their daughters Olivia, Marilena and Giuliana. We also had the special guest in Zaira, a very nice and smiling … Read more

Bachelor Party in the Mountains

What an amazing idea! A Bachelor Party in the mountains. More precisely a Bachelor Party in Gran Paradiso National Park. Giorgio called me few months ago to organize this trip for his brother Paolo and after all the preparation the day finally arrived. The day before Paolo had a pretty hard time in the night life of Torino with his great friends taking care of his Bachelor Party in the … Read more

From the Desert to the Alps

The trek we did this week was pretty special for me. Not for the place as the Gran Paradiso National Park is been my home for all my life, but because of the group. The hike was very well organized by the tour operator Verticalife and I didn’t know much details about my customers except they come from Saudi Arabia and they were 14. I am not much used to … Read more

3 Days Mountain Adventure in Gran Paradiso

The mountain adventure in Gran Paradiso we had with Jennifer was really something. This season is always pretty unconventinal and hard to predict. There are days of sun where the summer looks like it is going to start and other days when it’s snowy even at low altitudes. The climate we found in this 3 days mountain adventure hike it was a bit of a resume of what you can … Read more

Trekking: an Idea for Stop Smoking

When Antonello told me that come hiking with me was an idea for stop smoking I thought that I really like my job. When I was a child I want my granpa to stop smoking, and recently I was so happy my sister did it. If trekking in the alps will be ll be part of the success in keeping Antonello away from smoking that would be very nice! I’ve … Read more

Ladies Trek in the Italian Alps

The Ladies trek we had in late March this year was definitively a wonderful experience. I was the only lucky guy among 5 very smart and nice ladies. The hike was orgininally organized by Lauren and Kara, a couple of siters from Cleveland Ohio, that involved also her sister Raechel, Kara’s friend Madison and finally Rawan from Nazareth, in Israel. It was pretty clear from the starting point that the … Read more

Birthday in Gran Paradiso!

I could not hope for a better place where to spend my birthday this year. Gran Paradiso is where my passion for the mountain and for Alps trekking started and I was really glad to be there in this special day enjoiying my Birthday in Gran Paradiso. Moreover the gruop with whom I spend this hiking tour was extremely pleasent. A very nice gruop of girls in exchange program studying … Read more

Gran Paradiso Piedmont Winter Hike

The Piedmont side of Gran Paradiso is very dramatic. Rock peaks are huge and the Orco Valley is one of the most fantastic place for rock climbers. Nontheless the Piedmont side of Gran Paradiso is also perfect for hiking and trekking. Our Alps trekking with Renè, this time was at Noaschetta hut, an amazing small shelter recovered from ancient house where people were living some tens of years ago. The … Read more

Monte Avic Hike in winter

Before this winter trekking in Monte Avic we waited a lot for the snow. I was a bit indecise whether to join the hike or not with my friends of World Path but at the end I decide to join and it was a nice idea as usual. I had a very stressing Christmas, for personal reasons and having an hike in the snow and with sun and pretty mild temperature … Read more