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Winter is a rough and amazing season to be in the Alps. Here you find a description of the Winter Hikes articles written in these years of Hiking in the Italian Alps. You’ll find white landscapes and freezing temperatures. And unfortgettable memories!

The Importance of Snow

It was several years of not abundant snow in the Alps. Last years in the dolomites alsmost no snow have been falling and 2 years ago till the 1st of January the mountains of the Alps where snowless. This year finally it changed! In December an incredible amount of snow have been falling and still is continuing. The precipitations are crucial for the health of the land. Snow means storage … Read more

Heavy snow Day Trek from Torino

When you see that forecast gives rain in winter time you do not have to think negative. Rain does mean snow in mountains and even though there are less big view landscapes, a day hike in heavy snow is an amazing experience that everyone should do at least once in life. So do not trust people saying that there is bad weather. There is not bad weather in the mountains. … Read more

Australian VIP in a rough wild Hike

When Judy (fantasy name) wrote me that she and her partner were about to come in Torino and they were looking for a 2 days snowshoeing in the Alps I though they were backpackers on their twenties. Usually people do not write me with 1-2 days in advance. Someone is booking serveral months before the hike is happening. I even had someonve asking for a preview of cost for summer … Read more

Norway Fjords in the Italian Alps

In the Alps as you already probably undertood if you follow this blog there are places that could be from all over the world. This chapter of the “Travelling the world in the Alps” is bringing you in Norway. In particular in the norwegian Fjords. The real place is a hughe lake (actually in the French territory) which is only one hour by car far from Torino. In that one … Read more

Aosta Valley Winter Hikes

In this post I described a very nice two days we’ve had in Aosta Valley this winter. There are many possible winter hikes in Aosta valley and we good really lucky with the weather. The snow have not been falling for few weeks so there was not too much powder and consequently it was not too hard to walk. We’ve been visiting Rehemes Valley and La Thuille, in two of … Read more

Winter Hikes in the Italian Alps

This is the first winter post of this year and here are described some winter hikes in the Italian Alps. As I am pretty busy in many hiking and other activities I shared with you two different hikes I did in the recent days. As you see from the pictures the post is about two different hike in very different conditions. Nevertheless the pics are only two days of difference … Read more

Trekking: an Idea for Stop Smoking

When Antonello told me that come hiking with me was an idea for stop smoking I thought that I really like my job. When I was a child I want my granpa to stop smoking, and recently I was so happy my sister did it. If trekking in the alps will be ll be part of the success in keeping Antonello away from smoking that would be very nice! I’ve … Read more

Day hike from Japan to the Italian Alps

In these months of trekking in the alps i did guide people from all around the world. Nevertheless Takemi was the first Japanese and I really enjoy her company! We planned a day hike after Easter and it was a success as we reached the fabulous Rocca Ciarva Peak in Pian della Mussa. The hike was a pretty hard due to snow but definitively worth the effort. Also we were … Read more

Alps Hiking tours: again and again!

Morten have been basically my first client in my Alps hiking tours in the the north west of Italy. He came 4 years ago alone and we’ve been hiking in Gran Paradiso. Before that experience I didn’t know if the hiking guide could be a good job for me. I had a lot of hope as I was not liking my job and I was feeling I really need to … Read more

Birthday in Gran Paradiso!

I could not hope for a better place where to spend my birthday this year. Gran Paradiso is where my passion for the mountain and for Alps trekking started and I was really glad to be there in this special day enjoiying my Birthday in Gran Paradiso. Moreover the gruop with whom I spend this hiking tour was extremely pleasent. A very nice gruop of girls in exchange program studying … Read more

Winter Adventure in the Alps

Another abnormal winter adventure in the alps for Trekking Alps and for Worldpaths. In exploring new areas we went in Aosta valley in the magnificent Saint-Barthélemy valley. The Reboulaz hut is set in a really beautiful place, just below the great mountain of Becca di Luseney with its 3504 meters, it rise up in the valley. The hut is very cozy and with its small wooden stove it is quite comfortable also in winter. … Read more

Gran Paradiso Piedmont Winter Hike

The Piedmont side of Gran Paradiso is very dramatic. Rock peaks are huge and the Orco Valley is one of the most fantastic place for rock climbers. Nontheless the Piedmont side of Gran Paradiso is also perfect for hiking and trekking. Our Alps trekking with Renè, this time was at Noaschetta hut, an amazing small shelter recovered from ancient house where people were living some tens of years ago. The … Read more

Monte Avic Hike in winter

Before this winter trekking in Monte Avic we waited a lot for the snow. I was a bit indecise whether to join the hike or not with my friends of World Path but at the end I decide to join and it was a nice idea as usual. I had a very stressing Christmas, for personal reasons and having an hike in the snow and with sun and pretty mild temperature … Read more

Christmas Holiday Hike in Italy

To spend the Christmas holiday in Italy is very common. Italy has magnificent cities, wonderful museums and excellent food. Nonetheless other people came to Italy from the other part of the world to explore the natural beauty of the mountains near Turin. I organize the 1st of January hike on the last days. We had a very wierd winter without snow and with warm and nice weather. So instead of the … Read more

Winter hiking from Singapore to the Alps

This winter is definitley unusual. No snow, warm temperature. Global warming is a fact and this winter is in this trend. Said so, for hiking, having such a mild temperature is pretty good conditions. And Shiqui, a really lovely girl from Singapore, finally found good weather here in Europe after many unfortunate cases. Our winter hiking in Aosta Valley was pretty nice and I really enjoy the company of Shiqui! … Read more

Adventures for exchange students in Italy

Italy is full of places to visit but in your twenties you are open to new experiences and Italian Alps is offering a lot of amazing adventures that an exchange student can really appreciate. An Adventure for exchange student is perfect here in the Alps! When you have to guide someone coming from Brazil you know it is hard to amaze them. Brazil is such a lovely country with its beaches, … Read more

Snowshoeing in the Gran Paradiso National Park

The choice of where to hike this weekend in our beloved Italian mountains was easy: we went to the biggest, oldest and nicest national park of Italy. We’ve been snowshoeing in the Gran Paradiso National Park; precisely in the Piedmont part of this fantastic Natural sanctuary in the Orco Valley. The Noaschetta shelter is between a refuge and an unguarded hut. You can enjoy there immense luxuries such as beautiful … Read more

Winter Adventure in Europe

If you want to live a real winter adventure in Europe you are in the right place in the web. Trekking Alps borned in 2012 for letting the world discover the Natural beauties of Italian Alps. And this is possible all year long. Yash and Diwani from India join the winter hiking adventure and we really enjoy a wonderful 2 days in the west Alps. For Diwani was a first … Read more

Winter hiking in the Alps

The winter hiking in the Alps, more specifically in the Viu Valley has definitely been one of the most exciting adventures so far proposed by Trekking Alps . If the weather should have been in our favor with sunshine and mild temperatures we did not considered a variable that has definitely had an strong impact on our winter hike in the Alps. The wind. Bossy, cheeky (meaning it was slapping … Read more

Winter hiking in Aosta Valley: heaven on Earth

There are so many nice touristic sites in Italy famous all over the world. Venice, Florence, Rome, Tuscany, the Dolomites. North west of Italy is not so popular but I can guarantee hiking in Aosta Valley is just heaven on earth. Trekking in summer is fabulous and in winter most of the people dedicate time to sky and snowboard. Nevertheless hiking in winter inaosta Valley it is an amazing experience … Read more