Hiking in February

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Heavy snow Day Trek from Torino

When you see that forecast gives rain in winter time you do not have to think negative. Rain does mean snow in mountains and even though there are less big view landscapes, a day hike in heavy snow is an amazing experience that everyone should do at least once in life. So do not trust people saying that there is bad weather. There is not bad weather in the mountains. … Read more

Australian VIP in a rough wild Hike

When Judy (fantasy name) wrote me that she and her partner were about to come in Torino and they were looking for a 2 days snowshoeing in the Alps I though they were backpackers on their twenties. Usually people do not write me with 1-2 days in advance. Someone is booking serveral months before the hike is happening. I even had someonve asking for a preview of cost for summer … Read more

Winter Adventure in the Alps

Another abnormal winter adventure in the alps for Trekking Alps and for Worldpaths. In exploring new areas we went in Aosta valley in the magnificent Saint-Barthélemy valley. The Reboulaz hut is set in a really beautiful place, just below the great mountain of Becca di Luseney with its 3504 meters, it rise up in the valley. The hut is very cozy and with its small wooden stove it is quite comfortable also in winter. … Read more

Gran Paradiso Piedmont Winter Hike

The Piedmont side of Gran Paradiso is very dramatic. Rock peaks are huge and the Orco Valley is one of the most fantastic place for rock climbers. Nontheless the Piedmont side of Gran Paradiso is also perfect for hiking and trekking. Our Alps trekking with Renè, this time was at Noaschetta hut, an amazing small shelter recovered from ancient house where people were living some tens of years ago. The … Read more

Snowshoeing in the Gran Paradiso National Park

The choice of where to hike this weekend in our beloved Italian mountains was easy: we went to the biggest, oldest and nicest national park of Italy. We’ve been snowshoeing in the Gran Paradiso National Park; precisely in the Piedmont part of this fantastic Natural sanctuary in the Orco Valley. The Noaschetta shelter is between a refuge and an unguarded hut. You can enjoy there immense luxuries such as beautiful … Read more

Winter Adventure in Europe

If you want to live a real winter adventure in Europe you are in the right place in the web. Trekking Alps borned in 2012 for letting the world discover the Natural beauties of Italian Alps. And this is possible all year long. Yash and Diwani from India join the winter hiking adventure and we really enjoy a wonderful 2 days in the west Alps. For Diwani was a first … Read more