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COVID-19 - A Message for All of You

I want to make an update about COVID situation in Italy. As you may read in the newspaper, Europe’s COVID number of cases is rising. But as hospitalization and intensive care unit are under control the limitations are quite small. Vaccinations apparently are doing a great job to reduce the complications of getting COVID and that makes possible travelling and have access to all facilities including hotel and huts. You … Read more


UPDATE 10/05/2021: From the 15th of May the Travel restriction due to COVID-19 within Europe will be eased. There will be NO QUARANTINE. You’ll need to have one of those: Vaccine to COVID-19 Prove that you healed from COVID-19 within the last 6 months negative PCR within the previous 48 hours Check the rules yourself before to book but this should be the rule for the summer 2021. This would … Read more

Susa Valley and Trekking Alps on The Boston Globe!

Which is the perfect timing for visiting the Alps? As every adventure the weather influence a lot the experience and this question can be a crucial question in many area. The short and easy way to answer this question is: anytime is good for hiking. But this can be misleading. Every season is very different one each other. And the different months offers different opportunities in terms of hiking. For … Read more

Came from Alaska, and we were Impressed!

Many people around the world can’t wait to plan finally their holidays. Our trips to the Alps in this weird 2020 were very few and we really hope many more people will be able to come to our magnificent mountains hiking in the Italian Alps starting as soon as possible. The situation right now is still not good. There are still many people infected with COVID and the social distancing … Read more

Trekking Alps and COVID-19: Update

2020 was not a normal year. One year ago, I hardly knew what “Pandemic” means. “Epidemic” was already bad enough. This is the year when everything was put into perspective. It brought up many problems that we had already as a society and as a species. And even though now we have good reason to think that with vaccines in launchpad, we could be out from this pandemic quite soon, … Read more

Trekking Alps and COVID-19: Update

We can start again hike together, whenever you will want. In Italy, the Coronavirus hit hard, as in many other countries, unfortunately. We still don’t know how this Pandemic will affect our world but right now, here, the situation is getting back to what it used to be. Honestly, I do not want to call it “normality”, because I am quite skeptical about the way we were living, especially in … Read more

A Hiking guide in Quarantine - Update

Hi everybody. I wrote a post in the Trekking Alps blog about 40 days ago, at the start of the quarantine. We were supposed to have a lockdown for about 3 weeks to get rid of the virus, but of course, it was not enough. And now we passed the 40 days that make a quarantine…. a quarantine! So now I am happy I reached this milestone. I would have … Read more

COVID-19 - A Message for All of You

Covid-19 or Coronavirus is changing our lives. In Italy we felt it particularly hard but unfortunately, this is hitting the whole World. We have to patient. We all have to stop for a while what I personally like the most: traveling and meeting people. It is not easy.  Luckily I have a wonderful family to spend time with and a beautiful home where to pass my spring and grow some … Read more