Hiking in April

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Thullie Hole - Spring Day Hike from Torino

As the spring is already exploded in the Piedmont Alps there are a lot of choices of where to go in our Spring day hike from Torino. The weather in this case was just perfect with a 20° Centigrades and fresh and nice air. The Air was vivid due to the wind that blowed the day before and we really had a fantastic Spring day hike from Torino. The target … Read more

Hard walk in the Alps

This is the story of an hard walk in the Alps! It is difficult to understand what everyone is looking for in the Alps when they write me. Most of the time people over estimate its physical shape. Sometimes they come completely unprepared and unequipped. Not this time. The hike we did with Gidoz and Ehud was pretty hardcore. They come extremely prepared physically and psychologically. I understand this from … Read more

3 Days Mountain Adventure in Gran Paradiso

The mountain adventure in Gran Paradiso we had with Jennifer was really something. This season is always pretty unconventinal and hard to predict. There are days of sun where the summer looks like it is going to start and other days when it’s snowy even at low altitudes. The climate we found in this 3 days mountain adventure hike it was a bit of a resume of what you can … Read more

From Hawaii to the Italian Alps

When I decided to become an hiking guide I wanted to mix my favourite worlds: mountain and international environment. In any of my best dreams I could think to get in touch with such amazing diversity in people and multicultural experience. After Egypt, South Africa, China, India and US I was thinking that I could not have persons from further places. And instead in this May Hike I had the amazing … Read more

Trekking in April

This Hiking in April  near Turin was very special for the Trekking Alps team! It was so special not because of the place: the refuge Balma and Monte Robinet is a super classic of April May season, but this time the group was particularly big  and … fresh. Four American around their twenties (coming from various origins) and a German girl more the fantastic assistants, companions and friends Betta and World Path’s … Read more