Hiking in November

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Susa Valley and Trekking Alps on The Boston Globe!

Susa Valley and Trekking Alps on The Boston Globe! 1

The hike in Susa Valley looks like any other: I did not have idea that Michael was a journalist. He wrote me as everyone did, from the contact form of the website that he wanted to hike in the Alps starting from Milan. Milan is a big destination for Italy even though honestly I think it is one of the worst one. It is the most “fast” city of Italy, … Read more

Winter hiking from Singapore to the Alps

Winter hiking from Singapore to the Alps 2

This winter is definitley unusual. No snow, warm temperature. Global warming is a fact and this winter is in this trend. Said so, for hiking, having such a mild temperature is pretty good conditions. And Shiqui, a really lovely girl from Singapore, finally found good weather here in Europe after many unfortunate cases. Our winter hiking in Aosta Valley was pretty nice and I really enjoy the company of Shiqui! … Read more

Hike a 3000 meters in the Alps – Tete Blanche

Hike a 3000 meters in the Alps - Tete Blanche 3

Hike a 3000 meters in the Alps in November is something you’are not expecting usually in the month of November. But this November was extremely warm and the snow melted in the south faces of the Alps. This autumn was just spectacular for hiking and this week end we decided to go to conquer an amazing 3000 meters in the Italian Swiss Border. The Tete Blanche is 3413 metrs and offer … Read more

Climbing the Alps: Torre d’Ovarda

Climbing the Alps: Torre d'Ovarda 4

Climbing the Alps is an activity which is outside of Trekking Alps range as it’s a job for alpine guides. Soon we will cooperate with Alpine guide which will be able to bring you in the top mountains of Europe such as Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Gran Paradiso and many others. The images of today come from the less famous but still very beautiful Torre d’Ovarda, in Viu valley, Piedmont region. … Read more

Spring snowshoeing hiking

Spring snowshoeing hiking 6

Life is often stressful and scheduled. Every day work, duties and also pleasure are strictly scheduled and life can be considered tiring. The incredible energy which is “supplied” by a mountain hiking like the one we did on Sunday makes your heart in peace with the world. At least this is how I normally feel after a day spent in the nature, getting tired, filling my eyes with the “extreme” … Read more