Hiking in March

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Inn to Inn Trekking in Italy

There are places which cannot be described but must be lived. Travelling in the Italian mountains in the Tour of 4000 meters is a very nice opportunity that Trekking Alps offer to all the people visiting Italy and in particular  the Italian Alps. One of the thing that make Italy one of the most attractive place to visit of the world is the fact that big mountains, sea, countryside, big … Read more

Trekking: an Idea for Stop Smoking

When Antonello told me that come hiking with me was an idea for stop smoking I thought that I really like my job. When I was a child I want my granpa to stop smoking, and recently I was so happy my sister did it. If trekking in the alps will be ll be part of the success in keeping Antonello away from smoking that would be very nice! I’ve … Read more

Day hike from Japan to the Italian Alps

In these months of trekking in the alps i did guide people from all around the world. Nevertheless Takemi was the first Japanese and I really enjoy her company! We planned a day hike after Easter and it was a success as we reached the fabulous Rocca Ciarva Peak in Pian della Mussa. The hike was a pretty hard due to snow but definitively worth the effort. Also we were … Read more

Ladies Trek in the Italian Alps

The Ladies trek we had in late March this year was definitively a wonderful experience. I was the only lucky guy among 5 very smart and nice ladies. The hike was orgininally organized by Lauren and Kara, a couple of siters from Cleveland Ohio, that involved also her sister Raechel, Kara’s friend Madison and finally Rawan from Nazareth, in Israel. It was pretty clear from the starting point that the … Read more

Sacra di San Michele - Breathtaking Alps

The Sacra di San Michele is one of the most important historical sites of Piedmont. Located in a unique place, at the top of the Susa Valley, it is an architectural gem and is presented in all its grandeur from the Middle Ages when it was originally bulit. The trek it is not the only way to reach the Sacra di San Michele. There are many ways to get to the … Read more

Santa Cristina Sanctuary - Daily Hike from Torino

I am surpised mysef how I can still discover such beautiful places next to my beloved home. In order to greet the 2015 Spring I decided to reach the Santa Cristina Sanctuary above Ceres. This place is very famous among locals but for some reason I had never been there. Ceres is a small village at the starting point of Ala and Grande valleys, at only 40 minutes by car from … Read more