Hiking in May

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Waterfall trek in the Alps

There are not so many waterfall in the world more special than the Pis del Pesio. I have been here twice this here as it was too good. It appears only in late May and you have to call the nearby shelter to understand if the water is coming out from the rocks or not. There are plenty of amazing waterfall but this incredible Pis del Pesio in my opinion … Read more

Spring hike in Italy

It is difficult to choose which is my favourite season to go trekking. In this time of the year I can’t think of a better time of the year. Spring hike in Italy is just fabulous as the flowers are at its best at middle altitude and in the peaks there is still pretty much of snow. This time the spot of our adventure was Val Maira(Maira Valley), an amazing … Read more

Trekking in May in Italy

The spring season is always pretty unpredictable. If you are planning a trekking in may in italy you have to be ready for any conditions. The spring blew up in the last weeks with green colours, flowers and the start of the life coming back to the mountains. When suddenly the temperature have fallen down and it snowed pretty much even below 1000 meters. So the hike we had with … Read more

Rain: Real Adventure In Nature

When Kristyna come to the Alps I know I’ll not have boring days. In winter snow storm, now rain, lightings and lots of humidity. But we handle it quite good in the Mont Blanc region. Sleeping at Bivacco Pascal is an amazing experience. Pity we could not enjoy the amazing view over the biggest glaciers of Europe but in any case this was a real adventure. We arrived at the … Read more

Marriage proposal from NY to Mont Blanc!

When Richard told me via Skype that he was thinking of asking the hand of girlfriend Natalie during the trekking oin the Italian Alps with me I was incredibly happy! I really wanted to prepare something special and I looked the best location for many days. And I thought that the Mont Blanc view was necessary for a marriage proposal! Coming from New York to the Italian Alps for a wedding proposal is … Read more

From India to the Italian Alps

Eating Indian curry in a mountain hut on a trek in Piedmont is an amazing emotion. Amazing like the rest of the wonderful feelings of the hiking with Puja and Karthink in Orsiera Rocciavrè Park, in Italian Alps. Maybe the highlight of the tour was waking up in the morning with a family of ibexes. Including the quarrel between brothers  and dad who reproaches them with its long horns. The … Read more

Orsiera Solo Peak Climbing

The common image of the solitary hiker in the Alps, in Himalaya or in any mountain range of the world is the one who wants to be away from everything and everyone. At least, that’s the cliché: a hermit in the middle of Nature that disdains the world of human beings and takes refuge through the peaks. Actually my feeling in being alone in the mountain cannot be further than … Read more

Val Maira 3 Days Hike

The exploration of the Orsiera Rocciavrè Natural Park never seems to end. This time with a solitary trek, from Susa Valley, above Villarfocchiardo to Colle del Vento , via Rifugio Pian Amprimo and the Pian dell’Orso. Solitude is not the correct adjective as far as , bears aside, I was in good company of birds , hares , marmots and 5 ibex placid . The Alps, after all these years … Read more