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Autumn offer you unique landscapes nd beautiful colors. It is one of the most incredible time to visit and hike in the Italian Alps. Here you find a description of the Autumn Hikes articles written in these years of Hiking in the Italian Alps. You’ll find wonderful landscapes and amazing colors of foliage . Your hiking holidays is waiting for you in the Italian Alps!

Challenging Trek in Mont Blanc

When Wael asked me for a challenging trek in Mont Blanc was not expert. He and his friend Shedi and Amir want to have a nice adventure and experience and from their young age their fear was that the trip was not adventurous enough. I think from the first day they got the message that the mountain is adventurous and to trek in the Alps is hard work. We had … Read more


This article and pictures show you about 5 days hiking and trekking in the middle of September. The setting of this 5 days of hiking was Aosta Valley and different persons took part to different part of the trek. We did slept both in unguarded huts and bed and breakfast. Any hike was different; we had so much beauty, little bit of thrilling in arriving in the night in the … Read more

Hike a 3000 meters in the Alps - Tete Blanche

Hike a 3000 meters in the Alps in November is something you’are not expecting usually in the month of November. But this November was extremely warm and the snow melted in the south faces of the Alps. This autumn was just spectacular for hiking and this week end we decided to go to conquer an amazing 3000 meters in the Italian Swiss Border. The Tete Blanche is 3413 metrs and offer … Read more

Climbing the Alps: Torre d'Ovarda

Climbing the Alps is an activity which is outside of Trekking Alps range as it’s a job for alpine guides. Soon we will cooperate with Alpine guide which will be able to bring you in the top mountains of Europe such as Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Gran Paradiso and many others. The images of today come from the less famous but still very beautiful Torre d’Ovarda, in Viu valley, Piedmont region. … Read more

November Trek with Swim in the Lake

It was a funny and a bit crazy this November trek with Attilio and Ambra on the Halloween week end this year. As usual, the mountains welcomed us in an amazing way and we really could enjoy spectacular views of Viu Valley and all the Graian Alps. The target was Ciarm del Prete, at 2400 meters and we did reach that and did much more in our daily hike. When … Read more

Hiking in Autumn in Italy

Hiking in autumn in Italy is an amazing experience. It is amazing that most of the people do not know that this is maybe the best season when going outdoor for hiking! In Italy the hikes are pretty amazing and still in october-november the temperature could be quite mild. If the snow do not fall to much and the termperature keeps not freezing you have the chance to experience amazing … Read more

Trekking in October

Trekking in the Alps in the autumn can be very enjoyable. Despite the not optimal weather hiking the Alps from Turin was once again the bearer of joy and enthusiasm. Thanks especially to Mr. Hu Jian, magnificent original man from the countryside near Beijing gliding in the Alps for an adventure outside the ordinary. Le gloomy days did not spoil our always cheerful and positive moral and we had a … Read more

Hike the Alps all year round!

Trekking in the Alps was my favorite activity since when I discovered it. The good thing I discovered recently is that you can hike the alps all year round and you’ll discover even better landscapes than in the summer! The first time in which I had a trek in the Alps I was 6 and my father asked me if I wanted to hike the 3000 meters of Fenilia peak. 25 … Read more

Discover Piedmont Mountains with Nim&Nim

Piedmont region, in the north west of Italy is a magnificent touristic attraction. The reason why I would never live outside Piedmont is because of the Alps of course. When Nimsha asked mr for Rocciamelone even though it was the first experience for her and his husband Nimesh I had a B plan ready in my pocket. And it is quite easy here as there are so many beautiful option … Read more