Hiking in January

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Norway Fjords in the Italian Alps

Norway Fjords in the Italian Alps 1

In the Alps as you already probably undertood if you follow this blog there are places that could be from all over the world. This chapter of the “Travelling the world in the Alps” is bringing you in Norway. In particular in the norwegian Fjords. The real place is a hughe lake (actually in the French territory) which is only one hour by car far from Torino. In that one … Read more

Winter Hikes in the Italian Alps

Winter Hikes in the Italian Alps 2

This is the first winter post of this year and here are described some winter hikes in the Italian Alps. As I am pretty busy in many hiking and other activities I shared with you two different hikes I did in the recent days. As you see from the pictures the post is about two different hike in very different conditions. Nevertheless the pics are only two days of difference … Read more

Winter hiking in the Alps

Winter hiking in the Alps 5

The winter hiking in the Alps, more specifically in the Viu Valley has definitely been one of the most exciting adventures so far proposed by Trekking Alps . If the weather should have been in our favor with sunshine and mild temperatures we did not considered a variable that has definitely had an strong impact on our winter hike in the Alps. The wind. Bossy, cheeky (meaning it was slapping … Read more

Snowshoeing hiking in the Alps

Snowshoeing hiking in the Alps 6

First of all wish you a wonderful 2014 to everyone! Also this year we are expecting great adventures, hiking and outdoor wonders in the italian mountains. Well begun is half done we say in Italy. Well, this year is started with a wonderful three days, guiding Kat and Alon, two very nice South Africans in our Western Alps in a winter trekking. Not everything has been easy and that is … Read more