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This is the blog which tells some of the hikes and adventures held outside the Italian Alps. You might be interested in knowing more about this rewarding and breautfiuloutdoot adventures. Always trying to discover the most beautiful place on Earth.

Caucasus Mountain Adventure

Today’s story is a bit different from the usual one from our Alps Trekking. This pictures tell you about an adventure. It was basically my year holiday spended in the pretty unkown Caucasus mountains and not only, between Georgia and Armenia. These coutries has very interesting history and its belonging to the former USSR are pretty visible right now. Both countries have several problem in controlling all its territory and … Read more

Banff World Tour 2015 Opinions

Yesterday I saw the Banff World Tour 2015 in Torino. It was the first stage of this tour in Italy which will lead in 18 cities. It was the first time for me to see mountain in big screen and I want to share with you my impressions and opinion. The movie consists in a buch of small movies (around ten) about monutain adventures around the world. Ice climbing, kayaking, paragliding, … Read more

Santa Cristina Sanctuary - Daily Hike from Torino

Most of the people joining a Tour in the Italian Alps with Trekking Alps are very much attracted by the Tuscany and trekking as well. Piedmont’s mountains and Tuscany’s hill has something in common and is rare that those who spend some time with me in the mountain then decided not to visit Tuscany as well. It’s not only the beauty of the landscape, the good food and unique wines … Read more

Australian VIP in a rough wild Hike

The website www.trekking-alps.com is developing more and more in order to expand its offering as guide in the Italian and French mountains as walking and hiking holidays. The portal is not offering only wild hiking but also some walking holidays which is perfect also for those not particularly will to spend all their vacation sweating and doing efforts. With the new section Deluxe trekking, trekking alps want to offer amazing … Read more

Sky running's king in the western Alps

For those who had not yet heard of it, this post is dedicated to a man who is breaking all the records of the sky-running in the mountains: Kilian Jornet. Sky-running is a very hard sport that now is develping in all the alps. This year, two prestigious record has been set by the Spanish athlete: the Innominata ridge of Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn ascent. Two climbs that normally … Read more

Smile Language

Sometimes you don’t have choice: the only shared language you have with the person in front of you is the “smile language”. For some seconds it is not so easy situation. But when you realize that maybe this is the sweetest language in the world you just relax and be happy for all day long. In central Asia there are hundreds of languages quite far from english or italian. Anyway … Read more

Camping in the Alps with a Mountain Guide

If you dream white beaches and crystal clear water you don’t need necessarily to flight in a Caribbean, Polynesian or far east Country: you can also go hiking with a local mountain guide in the European Alps with Trekking Alps. What we’ve found in the middle of the French alps very near to Briançon was stunning. The Acension lake and Escure lake water was amazing and unexpected. The lakes are … Read more

Hiking holidays in the Italian Alps

Some people doesn’t like simply to lay on the sun and relax in their free time. Some people will is to take advantage of the vacation in a even more lively and active manner. That’s the people for those Trekking Alps is! Hiking in the alps is tiring and even exausting. But nevertheless there is nothing like hiking in a peak, overcome a pass and discover new scenarios, new lands. The … Read more

Hiking holidays in the Italian Alps

There are no chance I go out hiking somewhere without be astonished by the amazing beauty of my motherland, the Alps! This week I crossed the border with France and I disocvered an amazing place in the Claree Valley. Huge forests, green meadows, marmots and beautiful alpine lakes. There are no chance to come back in the city without leaving part of your heart in the middle of the mountain. … Read more

Switzerland: Eden on Earth

I simply cannot imagine a more beautiful placer than Switzerland. It’s an eden on earth: big clean meadows, huge cows, turquese rivers, cristal clear lake, green forests, rock jumps, huge waterfall and immense glaciares. What else you can desire? So if you have the chance, go to visit Switzerland, a wonderfull place embedded in the center of Europe. Now that i visited Switzerland, I really cannot imagine how Eden it … Read more

Parinacota Trekking Peak

This post describes maybe the most amazing experience I have ever had, Parinacota trekking in the border between Chile and Bolivia. This upland in the north of Chile is fantastic. Endless lands with alpaca and small villages with amazing volcanoes that sprout out as mushrooms. These volcanos are extremely high and very wild. Very few people dare climbing them even though they do not present any particular technical difficulty. Hiking … Read more

Children wisdom - Trekking Alps Blog

Children wisdom come from their ability to live the present moment. Carpe diem like Oratium said, it’s easy to understand but very difficult to live effectively. What I noticed in my experience living with children in the forest between Thailand and Myanmar was that the children, was that thier happiness and joy came from this ability of thinking about the present only. When children grow up they are forced to … Read more

Easy Trekking Gourmet - The tastiest holiday you've ever had

With Easy Trekking Gourmet, Trekking Alps wants to approach all the people who is willing to live the mountain environment without great effort. Mountain hiking is tiring and we think getting tired is important to really live the harsh environment of the Alps. Anyway many people want to relax during the holidays, so we prepared a trekking which is perfect also for those people who don’t want to spend all … Read more

Nature and History in Italian Alps

Nature is not the only beauty of Italy: Italy has history pulsing in all its territory. Nature and History are the topic of this post. In italian mountains you can find a lot of historical places and villages. Near Torino, the Susa Valley is the easiest geographical connection with France. This valley is full of fortresses and castles where the French and Italians fought in the World War. And the … Read more

Patagonia: travel adventures in absolute Natural beauty

Hiking is not the only topic of this blog. This blog is the house of all the travel adventures and this post describes the universal beauty of Nature. Travelling is another passion very much connected with the wandering in the mountains. And there are few mountains as beautiful as the Patagonian ones. Visiting these huge lands the sense of smallness is big. FitzRoy Peak (or El Chaltèn, as the Mapuche were … Read more

Hiking with children with Trekking Alps!

If you have a family and you want to live an adventure trekking alps is offering you the perfect solutions for you. Alps are perfect for hiking with children, which will live an experience fantastic which they will remember for all their life. Waking up in the morning in the middle of nowhere, walking for long hours and enjoying the food after a tiring hike. And than watch the stars … Read more

Heavy snow Day Trek from Torino

If you thought that big ice mass are existing only in Himalaya, Patagonia or Antartica, you will have a big surprise! Check this video of speed flight down Mont Blanc. In 10 minutes these very lucky people glided from the peak of Mont Blanc (4810m), the higest point of Europe, till the base of the mountain. This is the Mer de Glace (Litterlarly, Sea Ice in french). Hiking alps. Alps … Read more

Welcome to hiking alps!  trekking-alps.com blog

This is the first post of the hiking alps blog  which offers hiking guide service in Italian mountains. The aim of the blog is to group all the mountain and nature lovers and let the world discover the beauties of italian Alps. In this blog I will collect all the activity linked with mountain and more in general with passions. It is importanto to know that Italy is not only … Read more