Hiking in June

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SFG Hike 2018 - Corporate Trip Hiking in the Alps

For this 2018 SFG Corporate Trip hiking in the alps, we start organizing everything from november 2017. And from that moment it did not stop snowing up in the mountains. We also had a very wet spring, with lot of thunderstorm and an amazing quantity of water falling every day.  There have been a record of more than 8 meters of snow fallen at high altitude up in the Alps! … Read more

Monte Rosa Trek

The group was the best of this trip. Even though the difference in age, we create a fantastic group laughing and enjoying every single moment. We did respect the time of every single person and enjoy the wonder of the west alps at its best. Monte Rosa present one of the biggest glaciers in europe and to trek here in June it was a fantastic experience. We also hiked in … Read more

Maritime Summer and Spring Hike

There was a heat wave while we hiked with my Latvian friends and Sini from Finland. Both groups already came last year with Trekking Alps and I am very proud of the returning customers. The hike in Maritime Alps was amazing. It was a fantastic 3 days loop in front of the Argentera peak, the king of the Maritime Alps at more than 3200 meters of altitude. Up in the … Read more

Tour Company Monte Bianco Trek

I have never been guiding such a big group like in this Monte Bianco Trek. There were 20 colleagues from the same company joining for a tour company here in the west Alps. I was a little bit stressed as it is not easy to make everyone happy in such a big group. But I have to say I had lots of luck as the weather was perfect and the … Read more

Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso Trek

The Hawaii reputation is pretty good. When Luca, an Italian doctor, wrote me about the hike in Monte Rosa area I was pretty sure it would have been funny. But I could not imagine how lucky I was to share few days with him, his friend and work mate Tarquin and their daughters Olivia, Marilena and Giuliana. We also had the special guest in Zaira, a very nice and smiling … Read more

Bachelor Party in the Mountains

What an amazing idea! A Bachelor Party in the mountains. More precisely a Bachelor Party in Gran Paradiso National Park. Giorgio called me few months ago to organize this trip for his brother Paolo and after all the preparation the day finally arrived. The day before Paolo had a pretty hard time in the night life of Torino with his great friends taking care of his Bachelor Party in the … Read more

History Trek of Italian Alps

In this History Trek of Italian Alps we’ve visited some of the most important fortress and tranches of the Alps. Susa valley was the main corridor to go from French Alps to Italian Alps and even Hannibal could have passed here coming from Africa. There are a lots of testimonials about the wars that have been fought here between Savoy and Dauphin and between Italy and France. Lots of Fort … Read more

From the Desert to the Alps

The trek we did this week was pretty special for me. Not for the place as the Gran Paradiso National Park is been my home for all my life, but because of the group. The hike was very well organized by the tour operator Verticalife and I didn’t know much details about my customers except they come from Saudi Arabia and they were 14. I am not much used to … Read more

Roccialemone: adaptation to altitude

Sleeping at the top of the Rocciamelone Peak is a unique experience. It is perfect for adaptation to altitude for hiking Mont Blanc or any other big peak in the Alps. There are not many huts at this altitude, moreover so easy to reach. We enjoyed togheter with Grant and Ethan a wonderful week end with marvelous sunrise and sunset. From the 3500 meters of Rocciamelone peak no other mountains are … Read more

Birthday in the Italian Alps

Another incredible adventure was waiting for me in this end of June. Somayeh and her 6 Iranian friends came to enjoy her birthday in the Italian Alps. We planned this birthday in the Alps many months ago and finally the date came and we started our hike through the Cibrario shelter, in Viu Valley. Somayeh came with her husband and other 5 nice Iranian friends, renting a car from Milan … Read more

Sunrise at Gran Paradiso - Leonessa Hut

Everytime I see the mountain view of Gran Paradiso from Cogne my heart feels at home. I spent my first 13 summers in this place and even after have travelled the world all over I did not find any place as beautiful as this one. Gran Paradiso National Park is the first National Park in Italy and the widest. Cogne is in the heart of this alpine beautiful Mountain Park … Read more