Best Sunrise of the Year!

Sunrise and Sunset are always an incredible spectacle. I often prefer the colors of the sunset, also because I usually see all of them while the sunrise, especially in June and July are very early. Hiking in the mountains give me the amazing opportunity to be witness of the incredible spectacle of Nature. And this hike in Maira Valley was definitively one of those. The sunrise we got in the middle of the Langhe Alps, in the southern Piedmont was dramatic. I was sleeping in the hut when I opened a bit my eyes and saw a reddish light coming from the window. I beated the laziness and went to see… The view was breathtaking.

The reddish sun was coming out slowly from a carpet of thucks clouds that were below us. Slowly the colors were changing and the sun finally got up. Definitively one of the most beautiful sunrise I have never seen. Together with us there was a group of Ibexes that also joined us in seing the sunrise. After that we climbed up the 3000 meters of Chersogno peak from where we saw the vastity of the west Alps. We saw Monviso to the Ligurian Alps and French Alps. It was a marvellous day and I really think every person involved in this trek will remember it for long time. We saw many wildife in our hiking in the alps, we saw a spectacular sunrise and reach a peak from where we were the king of the world. We had also the priviledge to experience all that almost by ourselves as there waas very small amount of hikers only the second day. Thanks for the great experience!

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