Caucasus Mountain Adventure

Today’s story is a bit different from the usual one from our Alps Trekking. This pictures tell you about an adventure. It was basically my year holiday spended in the pretty unkown Caucasus mountains and not only, between Georgia and Armenia. These coutries has very interesting history and its belonging to the former USSR are pretty visible right now. Both countries have several problem in controlling all its territory and there is a bit of tension with its neighourhood: Russia(for Georgia), Turkey and Azerbaijan(for Armenia). Nevertheless the countries are totally safe and the people you’ll find there are just wonderful. There are thousands of reason why to visit this fantastic land between Black and Caspian Sea. First of all the Mountains! From Yerevan, capital of Armenia, you’ll see the fantastic volcanic shape of Ararat peak, and generally speaking Armenia is a nation of mountains. There are several mountain ranges where is possible to do trekking and hiking. In summer is possible to organize very interesting horse riding treks and the beautiful monasteries and the Sevan Lake make Armenia a great place where to spend your active holidays.

Georgia has higher mountains: the Caucasus has an immense potential. There are few areas where you can have amazing trekking among mountain villages and using tents. Svaneti adn Tusheti are the most famous as well as Kazbegi area. The fact that they are becoming famous does not mean that they are “spoiled”. Tusheti especially is very wild and you can live an authenic adventure if you want to spend some days in this area.

Climbing the 5000 meters of Kazbegi peak can be also an amazing opprtunity. If you want we can give you some contacts for exploring this wonderful area. Caucasus is very rich of biodoversity adn animal have a huge territory which they cannot anymore have here in the Alps, between France, Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Switerland. Georgia offer amazing food experience and wine tasting. If you are courious about this pictures and you want to know more do not hesitate to ask.


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