Gran Paradiso Piedmont Winter Hike

The Piedmont side of Gran Paradiso is very dramatic. Rock peaks are huge and the Orco Valley is one of the most fantastic place for rock climbers. Nontheless the Piedmont side of Gran Paradiso is also perfect for hiking and trekking. Our Alps trekking with Renè, this time was at Noaschetta hut, an amazing small shelter recovered from ancient house where people were living some tens of years ago. The life in the mountains in Piedmont now is pretty difficult and many of the villagers came down to live in the city. But still there are few villages were some hundres of people still live all year long.

Well, in one of this abandoned mountain village the Cai of Rivarolo bulid a very cozy hut which is pretty convenient even in deep winter with its wooden stove and fire place. We had a great time with Renè, a very nice guy from the Netherlands. He was so full of enthusiasm to live the mountains that I felt a bit guilty in living in such a beautiful place. We did not use the snowshoes to reach the hut and we so, as usual in the Noaschetta valley, many chamoises.

The second day, after a very nice dinner with gnocchi full of cheeses and spek, we put on our snowshoes and went deep into the valley. The snow was pretty much and going ahead have been very hard. We reach the Arculà village at 1900 meters and we were very satisfied of out target. Our Alps trekking in winter was complete. We enjoyed another wonderful sunset in the nature and we went down before it was dark. Another magical hike in the Alps!

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  1. Haha Yes indeed you should feel guilty. You have an obligation to guide less fortunate people through a wonderland such as the Italian Alps.

    Thanks for the amazing experience!


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