Hiking in Summer 2021

UPDATE 10/05/2021:

From the 15th of May the Travel restriction due to COVID-19 within Europe will be eased. There will be NO QUARANTINE. You’ll need to have one of those:

  1. Vaccine to COVID-19
  2. Prove that you healed from COVID-19 within the last 6 months
  3. negative PCR within the previous 48 hours

Check the rules yourself before to book but this should be the rule for the summer 2021. This would be the famous Green Pass allowing people to travel from State to State in EU.


If you are like me you are thinking about vacation. And I am here to write you to suggest you a very “conflict of interests” idea: plan your Summer 2021 hiking in the Alps. The Italian Alps in particular.

It was a tough year. Pandemic was not something no one was ready for. At first, it was almost interesting. As every new, I tried to make the best out of it and I was thrilled to know how the human would have taken it. Maybe it was something that can imporve us. Maybe we can change our priorities and re-build a new and more substainable life.

Hiking Italian Alps

Now honestly I have enough of it. We increase our family. We took lots of time for us. Our house is fucking nice because of all the time we dedicated to build it. I love more my family than ever and I am very happy to have lived the Covid 19 pandemic. But now it is genuinely enough.

As last year, starting from June Italy will become normal again. People will forget in a minute about pandemics and most of the people will be back to normal life. Unfortunately, many people plan the hikes in the Italian Alps some months in advance and I am afraid that it will be another very “dry”. So please if you’ve ever planned to do a hike: plan your hike in the Alps for summer 2021. Hiking is a great experience and there is lots to see. Even though the situation is uncertain this year we have the experience of summer 2020: from June to August the situation was completely under control and traveling in Italy is safe. Moreover, there are far fewer tourists, so you are welcome in this Summer 2021 for an amazing hike in the Alps.

I am putting here some of the beauty that is waiting for you in this summer 2021. Hughe valleys, wild places and memorable experiences. We have now almost ten year of experience and most of people told me that it was the best experience they’ve ever done. Here you can write some of the review about us.

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