Pachamama: Trekking Alps guides you in the winter hiking of Italy

These days is snowy days in the Alps of Italy! Many people prefers to stay home under the covers but snow offer maybe the best landscape possible and it worth definitely to go out for a marvellous winter hiking, living a magical experience in the mystic environments of deep winter. The snow this year fell late but during this days alps in Italy are totally covered by snow. And go trekking with snowshoes is the best you can do in this period. Wild life is still very active and a lot of birds and footstep of wild boars and dears are easily sighted. Silence is deafening and muffled environment you live in the snow is the perfect moment to dedicate your thought and feelings. Winter guide you through reflexive emotions and deep feelings.

In order to let you better understand the fantastic feelings you can experience in the alps you can check this photo galleries taken yesterday 24th of february. The wind was smoothly blowing and the silence of nature was everywhere. Exciting indeed! You are most welcome visiting Italian beauties, not only for its cultural sites but for its natural wild beauty!

Winter in Italy can be considered starting in November when the first snow usually fall. Normally mountain lovers can go snowshoeing, skying, snowboarding and ice climbing. Alps are a kind of amusement park all year long.



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