Waterfall trek in the Alps

There are not so many waterfall in the world more special than the Pis del Pesio. I have been here twice this here as it was too good. It appears only in late May and you have to call the nearby shelter to understand if the water is coming out from the rocks or not.

There are plenty of amazing waterfall but this incredible Pis del Pesio in my opinion can be considered one of the most beautiful waterfall in the world. This Waterfall trek is amazing, specially in May when the snow is melting. They are located near the Maritime Alps National Park, in the Margu

I have been to the Pid del Pesio waterfall with a nice couple in their honey moon and with a nice group of girls on the footprints of Piergiorgio Frassati, a spiritual figure famous all around the world. The hike up to the waterfall is not particularly hard. We needed around 1 hour and half to reach the waterfall which is located in the Marguareis Natural Park.

This area is in the south of Piedmont and is the most beautiful in my opinion from April to May as the peaks are not too high and the snow already melted whereas in other region of the Alps is still too much. If you want to come to see one of the most beautiful waterfall in the world, come in late may and we’ll visit together the wonderful Pis del Pesio.

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