Alps Hiking tours: again and again!

Morten have been basically my first client in my Alps hiking tours in the the north west of Italy. He came 4 years ago alone and we’ve been hiking in Gran Paradiso. Before that experience I didn’t know if the hiking guide could be a good job for me. I had a lot of hope as I was not liking my job and I was feeling I really need to change something in my life. I did the trekking guide course the year before and that was an important starting point for me. Guiding Alps hiking tours seemed wonderful but I didn’t know what to expect in reality. I was excited and a beat afraid. Maybe I would not have like this job neither. And all my efforts to create Trekking Alps would have been senseless. Thanks God I really enjoyed that tour. And so did Morten that came back the year after doing the Rocciamelone hiking tour and this year in the snow. We basically became friends. In Danemark the highest point is 174 meters and Morten did not know for sure much about mountains. But he understood the spirit and even though he is always exausted after our Alps hiking tours, he always enjoy them! I have to thanks Morten and all the customers I had that trusted Trekking Alps as I really love this job and I would never change it for any other job in the world. I love preparing and organizing Alps hiking tours. I like to speak and get to know with new people from all over the world and I love alps trekking even more than 4 years ago.

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