Alps wilderness in Piedmont

This is a paradise of wilderness in Piedmont: the marvelous Green Lakes in Ala valley. The images you’ll find here are relative of two hikes I did in a different period of this summer: one in June and the other in July. The images of this post are relatives to these two nice experiences. The landscapes changed quite a lot even though the two hikes were done less than one month one each other. But this July in Italy was very hot and the dissolution of snow was very rapid.

It was also possible to climb Golai Peak at 2819 meters where some ibexes are living in this season. The green lakes are awsome and my american mates were amazed to live this experience in complete solitude. They confessed me that a place like that in the US would be overcrowded. Not in Italy where the thousands of possible destinations give us an amazing opportunity to be alone in this beauty.

You can check yourself the images to realize how beautiful this place is. Grass, flowers, alpine forest and amazing green lakes and rivers. This is the beauty of the Alps at its best. Relatively unknown and possible to enjoy in solitude!


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