Roccialemone: adaptation to altitude

Sleeping at the top of the Rocciamelone Peak is a unique experience. It is perfect for adaptation to altitude for hiking Mont Blanc or any other big peak in the Alps. There are not many huts at this altitude, moreover so easy to reach. We enjoyed togheter with Grant and Ethan a wonderful week end with marvelous sunrise and sunset. From the 3500 meters of Rocciamelone peak no other mountains are disturbing the view. That is why in the medieval age the local people believe that was the highest peak of Europe.

It is certainly not but all the main mountains of the region are in view: from Monviso to the Monte Rosa, including Barre des Ecrins in France and Matterhorn.

The uphill walk is steep but both Grant and Ethan behave very well and they accepted the challange. We enjoyed a marvellous sunset meanwhile we were arriving and after the tortellini I prepared for them we went to sleep.

Alarm rang at 5.45 and we just needed to go out the hut to experience a fantastic sunrise! All the Alps were at our feets. This is life! This is Trekking Alps!

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