Banff World Tour 2015 Opinions

Yesterday I saw the Banff World Tour 2015 in Torino. It was the first stage of this tour in Italy which will lead in 18 cities. It was the first time for me to see mountain in big screen and I want to share with you my impressions and opinion.

The movie consists in a buch of small movies (around ten) about monutain adventures around the world. Ice climbing, kayaking, paragliding, speed flight and skying.

Generally speaking I find it quite interesting even though a little boring I have to admit. Specially the speaking part in which  it is described the feelings of the protagonist that “love the mountain, like to risk his/her life, love the wildernes, blablabla”. The persons at the cinema I guess we were all like that and we don’t need to listen it by someone else. I preferred the movie where there was a story. The effective story of a climb, a sky or even better the crazy stuff that Alex Honnold and Hazel Findlay in their crazy climb and bycile ride was a funny and Adventurous story. I really love that documentary!

I think you do not waste your money if you go but I think it can be done better even though the images were spectacular and nice but I hope in Banff World Tour 2016 there will be more interesting stories and sportive events amazing reaching and  less speech.

Here is one of the most impressive documentary of this Banff World Tour 2015.

Here you can find the Trailer of Banff World Tour 2015:

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