Santa Cristina Sanctuary – Daily Hike from Torino

I am surpised mysef how I can still discover such beautiful places next to my beloved home. In order to greet the 2015 Spring I decided to reach the Santa Cristina Sanctuary above Ceres. This place is very famous among locals but for some reason I had never been there. Ceres is a small village at the starting point of Ala and Grande valleys, at only 40 minutes by car from Turin city center. From there it is quite easy to find the path going up till this fantastic sanctuary at 1340 meters. This trip is perfect also for those who do not own a car in Turin. From Torino Stazione Dora Train station you can take the train till Ceres. The Santa Cristina Mount and Sactuary are just above the city. You can ask one of the villagers and they will indicates you the starting point of the path.

The spring in these days is amazing and the view on Ala Valley is something spectacular with Uja di Mondorne, Uja di Ciamarella and Bessanese very well spotted at the end of the Valley. This amazing view from the Santa Cristina Sanctuary is something really breathtaking.

Today it was also the first test with my new camera. And I am very satisfied with the picture taken. The beauty of the day was recorded in this digital images and I am very happy I can remember this special day.

Being there alone make me felt very lucky and with a lot of energy to start the summer season in the best way possible. Feeling the Nature 100% without distractions I met 1 person only during my hike. And I was absolutely stunned by the natural beauty of the Alps… as usual!


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