Birthday in the Italian Alps

Another incredible adventure was waiting for me in this end of June. Somayeh and her 6 Iranian friends came to enjoy her birthday in the Italian Alps. We planned this birthday in the Alps many months ago and finally the date came and we started our hike through the Cibrario shelter, in Viu Valley.

Somayeh came with her husband and other 5 nice Iranian friends, renting a car from Milan airport and coming to the Piedmont region to meet me and go for an hike in the week end. They were very excited for the trip even though not all of them were particularly ready for a though hike. In the 1000 uphill meters to reach the shelter, we’ve been in a thick alpine forest and than highland typical of the Alps. Lots of water is coming down from the mountains in this season and flowers are all over. The mountains in Viu Valley is quite rough and really wild and nice. The birthday gift that the Alps gave to Somayeh was a group of 30 ibexes that we spotted at 5AM during the sunrise.

The group of volunteers that organize the Cibrario shelter were very cozy and nice with us. They prepare a tiramisu for us and gave us a lot of food and wine so that we really could have a special birthday.

It was also a nice occasion for me to share with Iranian people, which have to deal with a nation politically very far from their point of views and perspectives. Another nice week end spent in the nature sharing with new nice people in the mountains, learning from them different perspectives and ideas of how to see and interpret the world. With my beloved Italian Alps always helping me with its magical environments and amazing landscapes.

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